Zoologist admits guilt in shocking bestiality case involving dogs

Zoologist admits guilt in shocking bestiality case involving dogs

A prominent British crocodile expert and academic, Adam Britton, has confessed to 56 charges of bestiality, encompassing the horrifying acts of rape, torture, and the killing of dogs. This appalling revelation emerged as it was reported that Britton had subjected over 42 dogs to unspeakable cruelty before his arrest in April 2022, according to Australian media.

Appearing before the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory (NT) in Darwin, Australia, the 51-year-old zoologist acknowledged his guilt concerning these charges. Shockingly, Britton also pleaded guilty to four counts related to accessing and distributing child abuse material.

Chief Justice Michael Grant expressed profound dismay, describing the offenses as “grotesque cruelty,” with the horrifying consequences leading to the death of 39 dogs. The judge urged individuals, including security personnel and reporters, to leave the courtroom before the prosecutor, Marty Aust, revealed the harrowing details of the charges.

The court was informed that Britton exhibited a “sadistic sexual interest” in animals, particularly dogs, even acquiring them from unsuspecting pet owners in the Darwin area. He manipulated the trust of dog owners, often persuading them to relinquish their pets due to travel or work commitments, thereby perpetrating these heinous acts of cruelty.


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