Zerhoun: The FestiBaz postponed and replaced by “Couleurs de Beni Ammar”

The 13th edition of the Beni Ammar Zarhoun Festival (Festibaz) has been postponed and will be replaced by “Couleurs de Beni Ammar”, an event scheduled for July 22 to 24 in the Kasbah of Beni Ammar Zerhoun, the association “Iklaa” reported for integrated development, the organizing part of the event.

The postponement of Festibaz was dictated by the conditions linked to the pandemic and the health precautions in force, explained the president of the association, Mohamed Belmo, ensuring that the festival will resume in 2022.

The 2021 edition of “Colors of Beni Ammar” will be limited, like the previous one, to the plastic arts, an initiative that has been very successful, said the poet and journalist.

The “Iklaa” association specifies that the program of the “Colors of Beni Ammar” event includes the painting of new frescoes in new sites of the Kasbah of Beni Ammar, with the participation of Moroccan painters and local talents.

Rehabilitation workshops, an exhibition as well as a meeting around the development project carried by the association are also on the menu of this event.

This year, adds the association, the novelty lies in the organization of an initiative entitled “the cinema of the roofs”, which consists of the screening of a selection of documentaries around the Kasbah and its festival on certain rooftops for allow families from neighboring houses to enjoy this program while respecting the distancing measures.



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