Younes Sekkouri launches “MIPEEC Strategy Wednesdays”

The Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri launched on Wednesday in Rabat the first edition of “MIPEEC Strategy Wednesdays”. This new meeting will bring together every Wednesday the directors of all the departments of the ministry, in order to discuss urgent issues and current programs.

For this first meeting, the Minister wished to recall the scope of action of the ministry as well as the desired strategic and operational vision by detailing each level of intervention.

In doing so, Sekkouri intends to establish through these meetings a new working methodology.
Indeed, it is a question of bringing together all the teams towards a common objective around the government roadmap. In this sense, all stakeholders were made aware of the importance of coordinating between the different departments, in order to make the ministry’s action more effective.

These meetings will also deal with a number of priority projects including Awrach and Forsa, as well as reforms relating to social dialogue, improvement of labor relations, protection of employee rights, encouragement of investment. and entrepreneurial support, and the reform of vocational training within the framework of its adequacy with the needs of the labor market.

During this first meeting of this exchange cycle, the Minister insisted on the importance of proximity to the population and the interest to be shown in the paths of citizens within the framework of the implementation of the ministerial roadmap. .



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