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Yassine Radi and accomplices imprisoned in El Arjat prison

Definitely the misfortunes follow each other and are not alike for Yassine Radi. Indeed, after being dismissed from his position as president of the municipality for mismanagement by the administrative court of Rabat (TAR) in a final judgment, here he is this time before the criminal.

From a well-informed source MoroccoLatestNews learns that the investigating judge at the Rabat Court of Appeal ordered the detention in El Arjat prison, of Yassine Radi, deputy of the Constitutional Union Party (UC) and former president of the commune of Sidi Slimane.

According to the same source, Radi (33) and his accomplice, a business manager, as well as a daughter, are the subject of heavy charges. They are prosecuted, each as far as he is concerned, for attempted murder, setting up a place of debauchery, non-assistance to a person in danger and non-denunciation.

It was decided to continue the trial of Radi & consorts during the session of June 7 before the Court of Appeal of Rabat, it is also underlined, noting that the judicial police are actively looking for suspects involved in the same affair which has not yet revealed all its secrets.

The arrest came after a young girl was dumped by companions of Yassine Radifrom the balcony of a villa in Rabat where a private party was held. She was transferred in critical condition to a hospital. The establishment alerted the judicial police who proceeded to the arrest of the persons concerned.



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