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Yasmina Marrakchi joins the Wafa Assurance Group as Director of Human Capital and Internal Communication

Yasmina Abdoh El Marrakchi joins the Wafa Assurance Group as Director of Human Capital and Group Internal Communication. She succeeds Mrs. Nada Filali recently promoted to DGA of the Technologies and Support Division, who will devote herself to this strategic area.

Yasmina Marrakchi’s mission is to continue to include the development of human resources and meritocracy as essential axes of the Wafa Assurance Group and to support strategic projects, in particular:
• Leadership in the 9 businesses exercised by the Group: Business, Personal Life, Non-Life Personal, Individual Health, Inclusive Insurance, Assistance, Digital, International and soon Takaful in the event of approval, thus making Wafa Assurance the one of the few universal insurers,
• The internationalization of the Group which aims to eventually cover 70% of the African insurance market excluding South Africa,
• The digitization of the Group.

These strategic projects are part of the anchoring of the customer-centric approach aimed at offering a high quality of service to our policyholders who have entrusted us with the protection of what they hold most precious: their health, their businesses, their heritage and their housing, etc. All of these projects have as a key success factor the human resources of the Wafa Assurance Group who carry out, thanks to their commitment and their high technicality, large-scale projects in close collaboration with the partner networks.

Yasmina Marrakchi joins the Executive Committee of the Wafa Assurance Group and serves as the Secretariat of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, a body emanating from the Wafa Assurance Board of Directors in charge of human resources issues.

Yasmina Marrakchi is an engineer by training, graduated from the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics and also holds a master’s degree in Human Resources from the IAE of Corte. She has nearly 25 years’ experience in banking institutions, including 18 years in Human Resources. Ms. Yasmina Marrakchi began her career at BMCI in 1997 as an HR researcher before moving to the Inspection and Compliance Department to hold the positions of auditor Head of mission then Auditor Principal in charge of Internal Audit.

In 2008, she returned to the HR profession as Career Management Manager and Talent Manager. In 2014, she moved to the position of Human Resources Director, which she initially held within the BNP Paribas accounting subsidiary for the Europe Region, then 2 years later within the IS subsidiary of the BNP Parisbas Group. for the Africa Region and Overseas France. From September 2018 to the end of 2021, Ms. Yasmina Marrakchi held the position of HR Development Director at Crédit Du Maroc.




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