Women's Rights in Morocco: Major advances continuing to grow (Writer)

Women's Rights in Morocco: Major advances continuing to grow (Writer)

The status of Moroccan women has witnessed “significant” advancements that continue to progress under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, emphasized writer Rita El Khayat.

During the reign of HM the King, women’s status has experienced “profound” improvements as part of a growing social and developmental momentum, the anthropologist conveyed to MAP, during her participation in the “Micro Editoria” cultural fair, which took place from November 3 to 5 in Chiari, northern Italy, where Morocco was the guest of honor.

“Thanks to the enlightened vision of the Sovereign, Morocco leads in promoting women’s rights in the Arab world,” stated El Khayat, referencing the profound reforms initiated under the framework of the ‘Moudawana’.

With ambition and dedication, the Kingdom embarks on a new initiative to consolidate these achievements and further enhance women’s status, she noted, referring to the recently announced project to revise the Family Code by HM the King.

According to the writer, “Moroccan women, like their counterparts, contribute significantly to the development and progress of the nation.” In the realm of literature, “women eloquently and deeply express their journeys and experiences through powerful writings that endure the test of time, enriching the societal landscape,” as observed by El Khayat, who is also a psychiatrist.

She further emphasized that “the collective efforts of all segments of Moroccan society, under the leadership of the Sovereign, affirm our strong position, extending beyond that of an emerging nation.”

Whether in culture, sports, the economy, diplomacy, or human rights, “Morocco is now a prominent and influential country that excels in multiple domains on regional and international levels.”

Morocco was the guest of honor at the 21st edition of the Italian cultural fair “Micro Editoria,” a three-day event that convened Mediterranean cultural and political figures to discuss various themes. The event was represented by the Kingdom’s Embassy in Italy and the Dakhla Local Council.

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