With Ciam, emerging Moroccan talent

With Ciam, emerging Moroccan talent

The Moroccan art scene has welcomed a promising new artist who has just taken her first steps into the world of music with her single “Incassable”.

Named Ciam, this emerging talent immediately captured the attention of the public with his passion and his unique style, notably through his very first hit “Incassable”. To discover the promising beginnings of her musical career, MoroccoLatestNews spoke with the young artist who answered our questions.

MoroccoLatestNews EN: Who is Ciam?

Ciam: I’m Siham, I’m almost 34 years old and I’m from Casablanca. I currently hold the position of HR manager. In parallel with my current mission, I chose art as a profession since I have been passionate about music since my childhood, so I decided to start as an artist.

I listen to music since my childhood, I studied 3 years of music theory. Before, I didn’t really have the idea of ​​converting myself as an artist, but after a while and after reflection I told myself that if I wanted to choose a job, I would choose the job that I love and my passion is music. So I integrated very easily thanks also to the help of my family who encouraged me to follow my ambitions, which I will follow to the end.

How would you describe your musical style and how do you stand out from other singers?

What I want today is to modernize Moroccan song. I think every artist has their own stamp. I have my personality, I have my own imprint and I still hope to bring more to Moroccan song by also adding dance choreography, because I am also passionate about dance.

I also hope to be a hit on stage, not only by singing but also by modernizing Moroccan dance.

Tell us about your new hit “Unbreakable”

My manager Moufid chose the song that best suited my personality and which joined my own ideas. It’s a song that brings a lot of positivity, encouragement to all young people who want to realize their dream. So the choice was made 100% by the manager at all levels, whether at the clip level or the launch level, with the team I worked with and who really supported me throughout the whole experience from A to Z.

How did you feel after the release of your first song?

I was very moved after launching my first single, already by the reaction of my relatives, my friends, my colleagues. It was a surprise for them because I was not into sharing my passion before. I received a lot of encouragement and it is clear that I will not give up.

What are your future plans?

Today I’m looking for the second song. I have proposals, models in progress and I hope that I will make the choice which will join the first single which cardstock and I find that I succeeded well with the whole of the team. For a start, it was just magnificent, I wasn’t going to wish for anything other than my first single “Unbreakable”.


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