Will David Govrin be back in Morocco at the end of June?

Will David Govrin be back in Morocco at the end of June?

The head of the Israeli liaison office in Morocco, David Govrin, accused of “sexual harassment” in several cases, should “resume” his duties after being summoned by the ministry of foreign affairs of his country and an investigation carried out by the diplomatic services from his country.

According to the Israeli media Times of Israel, citing Israeli diplomatic sources, “the Israeli Foreign Ministry has completed the investigation with Govrin on issues of sexual harassment, and has decided to reinstate him in his post in Morocco”.

“The investigation revealed that Govrin substantiated the allegations made against him following a dispute between him and certain office employees,” added the same source.

Note that the Israeli media estimate that the diplomat should return to his post by the end of June, but the information of his potential return has not been confirmed by official sources.

As a reminder, David Govrin was appointed to the post of head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat in October 2021 for three years, thanks to the resumption of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel.

He was suspended in September 2022 after revelations and the launch of an investigation in connection with sexual harassment scandals, irregularities in terms of finances, concealment of gifts and exploitation of Moroccan women.


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