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When two senile follow each other, the second begins to…

To think a little off the beaten track of Lady Grammar’s rules, there is a saying that more than any other is topical in the East of Eden, ” when two senile people follow each other the second goes to the infinitive “.

Problem is that between the two puppets that are our brave Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet show made in Algeria, we don’t know who to put in the infinitive as both are equal. But let’s get to the info! The president with an unpronounceable name and Minister of Defense moreover, under dinghies and certainly the dome of El Mouradia or at most, the roof of the neighboring barracks serving as the General Staff, promoted his alter ego Chenegriha to the rank of an army corps general.

We do not tell you, with the review “El Djaïch” which has not dried up praise this month on the two senile service at the highest level of the ANP, it’s party time in Algiers. Oran and its games have only to slip away. Some will say and thank you Incidences, “did he have a choice? “Nah! We know who is in charge with regard to the fate of Mohamed Boudiaf in 1992 and no one is fooled.

That said, we will move on to another aspect, that of the art of stroking in the direction of the hair even at the height of ridicule. A fatal art and which good old Amar Belani, the Special Envoy charged by his master, exercises wonderfully with the question of our territorial integrity and of the Maghreb countries, just that.

You know what ? The garlander maintaining that the overwhelming majority of African migrants killed while trying to reach the enclave of Melilla, had taken the flights of Royal Air Maroc, dared in a duck of the most plucked, this, “Faced with the cold-blooded assassination, Moroccan officials show appalling autism by continuing to hold forth miserably about an alleged humanist migration governance and to blame Algeria when it is public knowledge that the overwhelming majority of these migrants took RAM flights “.

But it’s a haunting side! We do not know why at each World Cup, the RAM is the object of invective, and no need to color the word “offensive“, it is enough in itself. Last time it was the RAM and the transport of drugs, today it is the transport of migrants from Sudan and other surrounding towns.

First, RAM does not serve Khartoum, Maghnia, or eastern regions. Moreover, this cardinal point located in the direction perpendicular to the right of north, on the side of the sky where the sun rises and therefore opposite to the west, is forbidden to us. It is that one day a president who woke up very early and like a good senile dictator, swore to himself that he would not close the airspace leading to it.

On the other hand, Air Algérie or Air perhaps, actually serves Khartoum and it is not impossible that illegal air immigration has been carried out, the landing gear of the Algerian company has the reputation of serving as deadly seats to whom it may concern and would like even to the children of the country.

So if there is transport of migrants by air, the culprit is obvious. It is high time that Algiers looks at itself and gets a check-up because, as it were, the moral and even physical health leaves something to be desired among the senile people of Algiers.




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