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When the preparation for the 11th congress turns into chaos

A real ” chaos took place this Saturday, June 18 at the headquarters of the Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS) in Rabat. While the work of the Central Committee was to be held for the preparation of the 11th party congress scheduled for the near future, clashes took place in front of the door of the headquarters between sympathizers and opponents of Nabil Benabdellah, candidate for a 4th term.

It’s an open secret! The renewal of Nabil Benabdellah at the head of the party of the Book is not unanimous. On this morning of June 18, the “anti” comrades showed it well. Thus, members of the initiative We will continue the journey”, who came to attend the work of the Central Committee, were denied access to the meeting room. As they denounced their marginalization others chanted slogans calling for the departure of Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

For his part, the secretary general of the PPS, Nabil Benabdellah in this case, estimated that “ chaos cannot be allowed inside party headquarters”. “VSthey who started this mess were never party membershe said, expressing his regret for what happened before the start of the work of the Central Committee.

Thus, the Party of the Book tends to grant the current secretary general, Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah, a fourth mandate at the head of the PPS, which the aforementioned initiative rejects, considering that the formation is in “cardiac arrest » and that Benabdallah exerts a real «strangleholdwithin the party.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

Even delivering his speech to the members of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau, Benabdellah stressed that the Kingdom has made significant progress in terms of foreign policy, noting that “ these are developments that should be welcomed as well as the effort made by King Mohammed VI at the head of Moroccan diplomacy “.

He also called for “to reinforce the home front, particularly in view of the water shortages our country is experiencing this year and the repercussions of the Covid-19 crisisnoting that a ” a number of regions suffer from the thirst spectrum, which requires immediate action “.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

At present, we do not find the orientations of the New Development Model in the measures taken by the government. The latter has taken no initiative except the social protection project by adopting 22 decrees. Apart from that, he has not yet formulated any procedure related to the New Development Model “Tackled Benabdellah.

In addition, the SG of the PPS stopped on ” education reform, which must be linked to the involvement of groups active in the sector”, noting that “the Awrach and Forsa programs are still in their infancy, and that they are complementary projects to fill some gaps, especially in light of the social problems in the youth ranks“.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

There is no integrated vision on the part of the government. The latter, which claims to be politically strong, homogeneous, a government of competences which does not speak, but which works, we have not yet seen on its part either words or achievements Benabdellah told the crowd.

“Lcurrent situationhe said, requires a political government grafted with skills “.




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