When the intitive Al Moutmir bears fruit

The OCP Group confirms its support for the agricultural sector and its ecosystem through the anchoring of its Al Moutmir initiative launched three years ago already. The Group, since and through OCP Al Moutmir, has supported more than 50,000 farmers, carried out more than 58,000 soil analyzes, set up 17,593 demonstration platforms co-constructed and carried out in partnership with the agricultural ecosystem and in in particular the scientific ecosystem (INRA, IAV, ENA UM6P). The OCP Group has also provided more than 35,000 training courses and more than 28,500 hectares dedicated to Direct Sowing.

In addition, the OCP Group has made use of digital technology to be able to guarantee the accessibility of support at the national level. In this sense, the @tmar mobile application has been downloaded by nearly 300,000 users. All this to say that the OCP Group continues its commitment as a leading partner with Moroccan farmers and that it remains strongly committed alongside the agricultural ecosystem in order to support the transformation of the sector in Morocco and more widely in Africa and through the world.

Al Moutmir

The Al Moutmir initiative is a multi-service offer based on the scientific approach to ensure the sustainability of this offer and on digital as a key lever to increase the impact and serve as many farmers as possible across the Kingdom. Moreover and to this end and in a partnership approach with the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, the OCP Al Moutmir initiative aims to enable farmers to increase their productivity and production quality thanks to good technical management of crops and the adoption of the scientific approach based on balanced crop nutrition.

OCP Al Moutmir also aims at capacity building and exchange of adapted information with a strong inclusion of different socio-economic groups and particularly rural women and young people. The program is broken down into several systems, namely: the direct-to-seed program which is launching its third campaign, demonstration platforms, training sessions, based on an innovative approach and which relies on digitization through in particular, the application, in particular the @tmar mobile application, an innovative approach which, two years after its launch, continues to support many farmers in their agricultural activities, particularly during the health crisis caused by COVID-19. A 100% Moroccan tool created with and for farmers as part of the Al Moutmir program of the OCP Group, it was designed and developed in its entirety by national technical expertise (agronomists, IT and telecoms engineers, solution architects, application designers, etc.). Accessible to all with just one click, this application which understands the real needs and concerns of farmers, and in particular small farmers, now has 7 operational services (“My NPK”, “Monitor my plot”, “Profitability stimulator”, “Weather forecast “,” Market information “,” Doctor of plants “, and” Funding service “).

In 2021, the OCP group and the Crédit Agricole du Maroc group joined forces to provide farmers with better access to mobile financing solutions by integrating a new financing service “Imtiazat-e” of the GCAM, now integrated at the level of the mobile application for agricultural advice “@tmar”. The OCP Group also capitalizes on feedback from demonstration platforms and facilitates the sharing of these feedback with the ecosystem, through a digital application “Agritrial” which allows the digitalization of agronomic management demonstration plots and the real-time feedback of detailed information on the evolution of platforms (phrenological stages, colors, stress, size, photos & videos of plants, etc.). This wealth of information is made available to the scientific, academic and economic ecosystem and is the subject of annual symposia within the framework of Al Moutmir Open Innovation Lab with the various players in the sector. The use of tailor-made NPK fertilizers thus contributes to the improvement of yields and also to the protection of the environment. Smart Blender technology is being deployed today thanks to the Group’s various fertilizer manufacturer-distributor and aggregator partners. In this sense, and since the launch of the program, more than 47 points of sale are now operational in different regions of the Kingdom. The Al Moutmir direct sowing program, with the support of national agricultural associations and cooperatives and scientific partners, which aims to cover more than 25,000 hectares during the 2021-2022 campaign, was designed and implemented in within the framework of a participatory approach bringing together several actors: associations and cooperatives, scientific experts, experts in conservation agriculture, industrialists, etc. charges established and in coordination with the agricultural engineers OCP Al Moutmir.

This dynamic positively impacted the “farmer” and “community” relationship and stimulated collective decision-making. In total, more than 28,500 hectares have been covered by direct seeding since the launch of the program. In strict compliance with sanitary measures, “Al Moutmir Souks et Moussems” allows farmers to be supported before the launch of each crop cycle, by identifying their needs in particular and by supporting them in the choice of inputs and in the agricultural practices that they use. they would like to deploy to increase their yields while preserving natural resources.

Through this device, farmers will also be able to get in touch with agricultural engineers from Al Moutmir in order to benefit from the program and from the continuous support of teams in the field. More than 450 souks and moussems are planned as part of this new proximity device, or a total of nearly 900 cumulative stages. The success of agricultural transformation cannot be achieved without the farmer, a real actor of change. It is for this reason that the OCP-Al Moutmir initiative invests primarily in people. This is how OCP-Al Moutmir sets up a multi-target and tailor-made capacity building mechanism allowing actors to easily adopt the best agricultural practices and to project themselves towards a perennial and sustainable agriculture. Training and capacity building programs are set up with and for the farmer.

The program is based on four strategic levers, namely: tailor-made training, sustainability of impact through local leaders, innovation in approach and models, and impact multiplication via digital. The action plan for deploying this program is based on four axes: training program for farmers, training program for women “ElleMoutmir”, training program for cooperatives and training program for young leaders. More than 50,000 beneficiaries are targeted as part of this campaign.

In addition, the OCP Al Moutmir Initiative has enjoyed scientific support and operational support from the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University since its creation. Indeed, thanks in particular to its national and international network of scientific partnerships, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, works daily alongside the Al Moutmir team and the agricultural ecosystem in Morocco and more widely in Africa in order to promote the challenges and challenges of agriculture on the continent, thus contributing to the emergence of inclusive agricultural development models that create lasting values ​​and impact.



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