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When painting reveals balance and harmony in Man

Lamia El Germai, a self-taught painter passionate about poetry, is about to unveil her fascinating artistic universe during an exhibition to be held from June 10 to July 9, 2023. This talented artist, originally from Casablanca where she lives and works , knew how to distinguish himself by his rebellious approach and his quest for balance ” manichean in his works. Immerse yourself in a captivating pictorial odyssey where each canvas is an invitation to reflect on balance and harmony in Man.

Lamia El Germai has followed her passion for painting from an early age, exploring the territories of art with unfailing determination. This multi-faceted artist has several individual and collective exhibitions to her credit, testifying to her undeniable talent and her contribution to the artistic scene.

As co-founder of a group of painters called ” art lovers“, Lamia has participated in unique artistic collaborations, including the production of two canvases with eight hands and an exhibition at the prestigious National Theater Mohammed V.

But what would art be without a touch of rebellion? Lamia El Germai, while maintaining a pictorial extravagance, seeks to establish a harmonious balance between opposites in each of her creations.

She defies convention by mixing the new and the old, the beautiful and the ugly, the man and the woman, the good and the bad, the young and the old. In an orderly chaos, Lamia’s works captivate with their coherent contradictions, illuminated by a subtle interplay of chiaroscuro, shadow and light. Each message is carefully writing in counterpoint, like a cantabile melody.

Lamia El Germai’s creations are life scenarios in their own right, inviting viewers to ask themselves existential questions and find opposing answers. Sometimes the answer does not lie only in the work that captivates the eye, but is probably found in another, thus uniting a pictorial labyrinth where everyone can reconstruct the puzzle according to their own decipherment.

By observing Lamia’s canvases, it is impossible to conclude for a single configuration or a single artistic movement. On the contrary, his works are a balanced amalgamation of styles and concepts. However, it is his penchant for surrealism that reveals the irrationality of human beings, the absurdity of the world and the need for a spirit of revolt without censorship.

You will therefore be able to discover his works during an exhibition which will be held from June 10 to July 9, 2023, at the ARTEM Gallery in Casablanca.



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