When it’s all about a “Moroccan” plot against Algeria

When it’s all about a “Moroccan” plot against Algeria

In Algeria, the umpteenth defeat before the Executive Committee of CAF has provoked the ire of the country’s media, which accuses Morocco of being the cause of the non-election of the president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) in front of his competitor. Libyan. But the “conspiracy” strategy goes further…

It is now an institutionalized textbook case in Algeria. All the evils that the country is going through have a Moroccan cause and this also affects football when its defeats are attributed to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), or even to its president Fouzi Lekjaa.

During the 45th General Assembly of the Confederation of African Football, held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the President of the Libyan Football Federation (FLF), Abdelhakim Al-Shalmani, was elected as a member of the Executive Committee ( COMEX) for the North Africa zone (UNAF) by obtaining 38 votes against 15 votes for its Algerian competitor.

In fact, only 14 countries (not counting Algeria, which voted for itself) voted for the president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Djahid Zefizef, out of a total of 53 African nations. And the reasons for this lack of confidence are multiple but are in no way caused by a “conspiracy”.

This is a new defeat of the Algerian regime, not to change. And this Algerian defeat is above all political given that it is the Algerian policy towards Morocco which is disappointing and which is not accepted in Africa. The attempted corruption of the Algerian president who promised 1 billion to develop projects in Africa did nothing.

The Africans have simply said “stop” to Algeria’s schemes against Morocco because they are fully aware of Algeria’s game which only serves its interests and not those of continental football. And its interests are reflected in an immeasurable destructive desire for Morocco, a country that is working to make the continent a force as important as the other continents of the world.

The final verdict that eliminated Zefizef was commensurate with the total lack of confidence granted to Algeria, and this, despite hearsay that alludes to corruption attempts signed by Algiers to obtain the post or to eliminate the Moroccan file from the race to organize CAN2025.

At this stage, the Algerian official assigned to this post to replace Kheireddine Zetchi (deemed pro-Moroccan after having voted for the new statutes of CAF) sees his place threatened after a year at the helm of the FAF, indicate Algerian media. His bitter failure at the COMEX and his meager record should get the better of him.

And it is this unhealthy game behind the scenes where Algeria has become a master and which does not succeed, that today the accusation of Morocco for all the misfortunes that can strike the country is automatic. Algeria not only blamed Morocco for the lack of trust given to the inexperienced president of the Algerian football federation, but goes further by accusing the kingdom of being behind on the results of the draw for the Africa World Cup 2026.

The Algerian media thus accuse “the selection of Guinea (Conakry) of plotting President Fouzi Lekjaa to block the road to the Fennecs leading to the next World Cup”, according to Echourouk.

According to these media, the plot consisted in the organization of the match which will oppose Guinea to Algeria in a Moroccan stadium, accusing Guinea of ​​having done it on purpose. These media are based on the history of matches played by Guinea which had already hosted Ethiopia and Egypt in Morocco for their matches.

Yet Guinea has nothing to do with it, it does not have a stadium approved by FIFA, nor any of the other opponents of Algeria in its group, namely Somalia and Uganda, and each time , it will be a foreign country that will be designated to organize the matches.


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