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When feedback on RS reviews takes over

After two years of health crisis due to Covid-19, the year 2022 marked the return of life and festivities, thus allowing a resumption of several sectors, in particular that of the organization of weddings. The opportunity for professionals in the field to catch up after a period full of uncertainty.

To breathe new life into the sector and operators, the free marriage platform in Morocco since 2012 “ » had organized in 2021 the 1D edition of the Morocco Wedding Awards for the benefit of professionals, service providers and companies related to nuptials. Recognition for their hard work, their talent, their creativity and the excellence of their service.

This year, the platform is launching the 2nd edition of the Morocco Wedding Awards in a post-covid context, thus confirming the importance for future brides and grooms to have a real guarantee of quality in order to be able to choose the best professionals and for them to have real recognition of the excellence of their service.

In this direction, MoroccoLatestNews UK spoke with the top management of the platform ” “, about the recovery of the sector, its attractiveness or the added value of such a platform for the bride and groom and operators.

“The first edition was launched precisely to encourage professionals and get to know a little about their work. And it was a first in Morocco. Today the context is different because since last year there was a significant resumption of weddings and there was also a large part postponed. This is a proportion of people who have been married for a long time, and have decided to have a ceremony, while the other party has postponed for the following year. And suddenly, there was a real recovery. We had observed, at least at the level of the platform, a strong demand“, explains the top management.

Thus, and following this takeover, the professionals known and recognized on the square were sold out in most cases. ” The opportunity for them to catch up a bit ” welcomes our interlocutor, also noting some indications on the prices which have increased a little, which is “ normal according to him, since the supply was lower than the demand.

There is a real recovery that has allowed operators to bounce back a little, to breathe and to make a little more turnover, no more than expected, but there was still a catch-up effect that was palpable. On the other hand, the current context and inflation mean that things will stagnate a little in terms of prices. If there is a return to normal, it will not be 100% achieved, so there is an increase that will be observede “, estimated the expert.

Today, the generalized context means that everything is expensive, and this will be passed on to prices, noted our interlocutor, who nevertheless believes that ” the operators will later lower their prices, when it will stabilize, but not at the previous level “.

Asked about the attractiveness of the sector in these hard times, the top management of this non-profit platform, specified that the sector is still drowned in the informal sector, and still and always attracts new people, which gives it a renewal effect.

In our industry, people come and go. Those who can’t hold on, leave and make way for others. But what is certain is that there is a move upmarket. The marriage sector is promoter and regular. Even the seasonality is no longer very pronounced. So in my opinion, yes it is interesting for investors, it attracts a little more people“, says the expert.

On the investment side, he explains to us that there are some professions that do not require a lot of investment, while others do, like the “Neggafa”, catering or even wedding halls, noting that he today there are many investors who are embarking on these three businesses.

Regarding the launch of the 2nd edition of Morocco Wedding Awards, the top management of ” expressed his satisfaction, noting the motivating return of the bride and groom and professionals.

Last year was the launch of the event, which allowed us to have a lot of Data today. The bride and groom follow what is happening on social networks and on the internet and attach great importance to feedback on opinions, whereas before it was just word of mouth. Today, we want to know the opinions of people who have been there and the recommendations, and that’s where it’s also interesting for us. It demonstrates the added value of a platform like ours“, he concluded.

It should be remembered that the platform ” », helps thousands of brides and grooms in the organization and planning of their wedding and provides them with several free digital tools for organizing their wedding (budget manager, retroplanning, ‘guests…)

It is also a complete directory of Moroccan wedding service providers divided into several categories (Caterers, Reception Halls, Wedding Dresses, Orchestras, Negafa, Photographers, Honeymoons, etc.), which also offers a plethoric, rich and regularly updated: articles, advice, wedding files, reports…



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