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When Algiers intertwines its shoelaces

Algeria suspended, yesterday Wednesday June 8, a “treaty of friendship, good neighborliness and cooperation” concluded in 2002 with Spain. That being so and knowing the why of the thing – alignment of Spain on the position of Morocco as regards its question of sovereignty – one can wonder about what can still do Algeria to harm even more the neighbor of other shore.

Here ! Algiers can try to blackmail immigration, especially since the season is right for invading Almeria, the Balearic Islands and the surrounding area, the sea is calm. But enough joking, the time is serious, although this option has the character of an existence in time and therefore of the realm of the possible. Moreover, the European Union (EU) is concerned about it and expressed on this day of Thursday all its concern by calling on the Algerian authorities to ” reconsider their decision “.

Madrid’s response was not long in coming either and yesterday the Spanish executive said they regretted Iannouncement by the presidency to suspend the treaty of friendship, good neighborliness and cooperation and recalled the principles of non-interference in internal affairs and respect for the inalienable right of peoples to self-determination.

The political scientist and editorial journalist, based in Paris, Mustapha Tossa, dissects the situation for us, all the more so as he masters it wonderfully for being a great specialist in the Arab question and particularly in this region. ” The Algerian regime has never accepted Spain’s position on Morocco’s sovereignty and has not forgiven it for having supported the option of autonomy, for moving closer to it and for reconciling with him. Algiers thinks of punishing like this, plus Spain. Unfortunately for the Algerian regime, its best asset, gas, it cannot touch it and break the gas contract, which is protected by international business law.”he tells us.

And to explain the plan B of Algiers: Also, the Algerian regime carries its energy of despair by setting its sights on the field of the bilateral relationship with the firm intention of destroying a partnership which nevertheless benefited it. He is only expressing his disappointment and his bitterness in the face of this given situation. Through this, Algeria makes senseless and unreasonable decisions believing to punish Spain for its pro-Moroccan position”.

Mustapha Tossa also sheds light on this cacophony“This gives an absolutely crazy idea of ​​what the Algiers regime is capable of doing for the good eyes of the Polisario separatists, thus putting the strategic and economic interests of the Algerians at stake. Officially Algeria before the United Nations does not claim to be a party to the Sahara conflict affair. The proof they refuse to participate in the round tables advocated by the United Nations »he believes.

The Arab world specialist, explaining the consequences for relations between the two countries on their common future, will say: “ They will be terrible and immediate. Economic, security and strategic cooperation will be frozen with all the consequences that this may have on a small Mediterranean which is, so to speak, already explosive due to the tensions found there”.

“War against terrorism, insecurity, organized crime, drug trafficking, illegal immigration… If the two countries freeze their cooperation, there is no longer any communication regarding these remarks and this jeopardizes regional stability. The act that Algeria has just taken towards Spain is significant in more ways than one and what is more is dangerous and not without consequences for the whole region”, concludes Mustapha Tossa.




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