When Algeria uses the Palestinian cause to target Rabat

When Algeria uses the Palestinian cause to target Rabat

Algeria and its Polisario puppet have still not recovered from the crushing blow of the State of Israel’s decision to recognize the Sahara as Moroccan. Both parties are constantly exploiting the Palestinian cause to play on sentimentality. Story of the failure of a weak Algerian diplomacy, which is horribly lacking in arguments in the face of its hypocrisy.

Indeed, the senile regime of Algiers, mordicus points the finger at Rabat and accuses it of all evils. This time, he wants to repair the wrong by accusing the Kingdom, according to him, of sacrificing international laws, and the right to self-determination of the Palestinian and Sahrawi peoples, in the name of its rapprochement with Israel according to a press release from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Algiers is challenging the Kingdom’s loyalty and commitment to the Palestinian cause by launching a hate propaganda campaign targeting symbols of Moroccan sovereignty. Some of the Algerian media and parties have even wanted to be vigilantes and have said they are ready to flirt with the Apocalypse.

This is how the Islamist-leaning party “Harakat Ennahda” called for ” withdrawal of Morocco’s presidency from the Al-Quds Committee and this, because of its strategic alliance with Israel, forgetting that Algeria maintains diplomatic relations with all the Arab countries having signed the Abraham Accords in the same way as Morocco and even Egypt and Jordan which had normalized with Israel long before.

The pseudo “ambassador” of the Polisario separatist militia in Algeria, criticized the “silence” of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) regarding the rapprochement between Rabat and Tel Aviv and also called for ” the exclusion of Morocco, in the person of King Mohammed VI, from the presidency of the Al-Quds Committee “. Obviously, the problem of Algeria is none other than Morocco and nothing but Morocco.

It should be remembered that during the visits of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to Qatar and Turkey, which maintain historical relations with Israel, the latter did not say a word about the more than friendly attitude that these two countries maintain towards the Jewish state. The second is even preparing to receive Benjamin Netanyahu and the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas very soon.

Political analysts believe that these cheap media campaigns only translate “Algeria’s dissatisfaction with the strengthening of Rabat’s regional strategy at a time when Algerian diplomacy continues to accumulate failures on failures”.

Mohamed Salem Abdelfattah, president of the Saharawi Media and Human Rights Observatory, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, did not hesitate to criticize I’involvement of Algerian parties and media, alongside the Polisario, in this propaganda campaign targeting the Moroccan presidency of the Al-Quds Committee. ” This once again confirms the apprehension of the Algerian regime regarding the role played by the Kingdom in supporting peace efforts in the Middle East and the settlement of conflicts in this region. “, did he declare.

Abdelfattah added that “ Ie rational discourse adopted by Rabat regarding the Israeli recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara goes well beyond the populist discourse of the Algerian military regime, which uses the Palestinian cause within the framework of internal agendas aimed at legitimizing itself and its political discourse, in a blatant exploitation of this issue”.

The President of the Sahrawi Media and Human Rights Observatory, explained, that ” the Algerian media and partisan propaganda campaigns targeting Morocco and its sovereign symbols, at the request of the ruling regime, are further proof of this regime’s involvement in the Sahara conflict and an affirmation of its position as the main party in it“.

For his part, Elghet Mohamed Malainine, a member of the Moroccan Center for Parallel Diplomacy and Dialogue of Civilizations, commented on this Algerian campaign like this, “ the Algerian positions vis-a-vis the positions of the States on the Palestinian question are known for their contradiction and their obvious confusion. The Algerian president returns from Turkey, the largest Islamic country that maintains relations with Israel, which is preparing to receive Netanyahu. He also visited Qatar, which was the first Levantine Arab country visited by the former Israeli president, Shimon Peres”.

Confiding in MoroccoLatestNews, he pointed out that ” Algeria’s positions have nothing to do with Arabism or concern for a unified Arab position towards the Palestinian cause. They are rather linked to the reverse of the successes obtained by Morocco and its strategic superiority over Algeria, whether at the political, economic or military level, especially after the failure to obtain the support of China and Turkey for its thesis concerning the question of the Moroccan Sahara.“.

Finally he concluded that Algeria suffers from a major existential problem, as the founding myth of Algeria based on history and memory has begun to crumble since the beginning of the second millennium“.

He further explained that “while waiting for the search for a new myth that unifies the Algerian identity, the attention is continuously focused on Morocco. Starting with the interference in its alliances, its foreign policy, and the questioning of its commitment to the challenges of the region, without concealing the attempts to steal the cultural and civilizational heritage of the Kingdom“.


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