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When Algeria takes on France and China against Morocco

There is no doubt that the regime of the senile in Algiers, which has not stopped lately intensifying its warlike rhetoric with regard to Morocco, is opting for the military solution. Indeed, there is not a day when we do not witness a hostility that cannot be related to a psychological preparation for a military adventure.

Between official declarations and publications in the media caressing in the direction of the hair a regime in decline, all hostile to Morocco or akin to threats, the Algerian regime is leading an offensive on several fronts. On the diplomatic front, it is the Secretary General of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amar Belani, who is seeking to replace the current head of diplomacy Ramtane Lamamra, who is conducting a series of meetings with foreign officials.

Instead of these bilateral meetings taking place with Lamamra, in Algeria, contrary to all logic, it is the SG of the ministry who leads the meetings, some of which involve the participation of delegations.

In recent weeks, it is clear that there have been a large number of meetings with foreign officials and Amar Belani. Most of these countries are also known to be allies or close to Morocco. Belani, touches on everything, from defense to the economy, to institutions, with meetings in particular with the Portuguese Secretary of State for International Trade and Foreign Investments, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Croatian Parliament, or even of the British Deputy Minister of Defence, in charge of the British Armed Forces…

Algiers’ latest move has been to draw the attention of France and China to beware and protect themselves from Morocco. It is in this perspective that Amar Belani received, last Wednesday, the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Algeria, Li Jian.

With regard to the Moroccan Sahara, the Algerian buffoon did not hesitate to inform the Chinese representative of his fabrications, affirming that the blocking of the negotiation process would “essentially to the procrastination of the Moroccan party”, while it is Algeria which refuses to resume the round tables as the Council has called on it.

As if China ignored the resolutions of the UN Security Council of which it is an integral part and which clearly indicate that the solution lay in the round tables where Algeria is formally involved. That said, both China and France, which are military powers, are, so to speak, reservoirs of all kinds of weapons, to be sold and resold. And Algiers in its crazy strategy is desperate for that.

The Algerian army in its eagerness to find an appropriate response to the alleged threat posed to it by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), has turned to China and France for shopping. Macron, knowing the Algerian military budget (22.7 billion dollars, an increase of 130%) even rolled out the red carpet at the Elysee to the old fool of Chengriha.

The duty capo had come to negotiate to urgently acquire anti-drone detection radars in response to the growing “threat” posed by Moroccan drones. Except and to the chagrin of the senile in layers of the ANP, the Bouraoui affair came to derail the affair. So it is quite naturally that the senile regime of Algiers is moving towards Beijing as well. Forced and constrained therefore, the PNA has turned to China to try to acquire anti-drone systems and is trying to convince it that it is not a party to the Sahara conflict and that it would simply like to secure its borders.

But here too, the case does not seem to be concluded. China, one of the leading sellers of military drones in the world, particularly in North Africa, does not seem convinced of the merits of this approach by Algeria. Indeed, Beijing has no intention of shooting itself in the foot and has refrained from selling systems that exploit the shortcomings of their own drones sold precisely in the region and of which Morocco has a fine fleet.

For Algeria, in its energy of desperation, absolutely and urgently wants to buy weapons en masse to find an appropriate response to the Israeli drones delivered in large quantities to Morocco since 2021.

On the chessboard, we must not forget Iran’s collusion with Algeria. Tehran has indeed supplied the Polisario separatist militia with attack drones via Algeria. Tehran, which is leading a asymmetrical and proxy war against Morocco is an open secret. It is known that Iran hates the Arab world, like Algeria hates Morocco.

Also, there is no excessive expense to destabilize the region, even if it means having recourse to the technical aid of Westerners eaten away by the lure of immediate gain. Strange then is the attitude of Algeria which always seeks to aggravate the situation with its neighbor and poses as a victim by arming itself to the teeth.



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