WhatsApp unusable for some smartphones from November 1

It would be good to note that from Monday November 1, 2021 and symbolically on the eve of the Day of the Dead, some smartphone users will no longer be able to use WhatsApp correctly.

Indeed, the famous instant messaging application will no longer be compatible with the old versions of Android and iOS. The WhatsApp messaging application, launched in 2011 and currently under the umbrella or swallowed by Facebook (recently renamed Meta), announced in February 2020 that it had exceeded 2 billion users worldwide. Except that, like any self-respecting technology, WhatsApp has its limits. Thus, each year, the company gets into the habit of separating or removing smartphones, finally those which have had their day, in order to be able to access its application.

This fall, WhatsApp decided to put aside new devices, deemed obsolete. From Monday, some iPhones and Android devices will therefore no longer be able to access the famous application correctly. These are smartphones that are more than five years old, and therefore use old updates for their operating system. More specifically, this concerns versions prior to Android 4.1 and iOS 10 which will no longer be able to access WhatsApp updates. Concretely, the messaging application will not disappear completely from your phone if the application is already installed there, but some features will stop working correctly over time.



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