What you need to know about the new ADII measures

What you need to know about the new ADII measures

The Administration of Customs and Direct Taxes (ADII) has just published a circular including the new measures put in place to support Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) as part of the MARHABA 2023 campaign. Here are the details.

In a circular addressed to all administrative structures at central and regional levels, the ADII calls on its staff to mobilize and organize themselves to ensure perfect implementation of the royal guidelines, making sure to simplify the access to the various procedures and facilities concerning them, whether on their arrival, departure or stay, in accordance with the commitments of the “Welcome Charter”.

According to the document, a personalized service will be reserved for MRE holders of investment projects in order to provide them with the advice, support and assistance necessary for the success of their projects.

Many measures have been put in place for the smooth running of the MARHABA 2023 campaign, including the increase in the threshold of the franchise relating to non-commercial objects imported by MREs from 20,000 DH to 25,000 DH and which is granted only once per month. calendar year. The following are excluded from the benefit of this deductible: Mopeds and bicycles (except those for children), furniture (bedrooms, shop windows, dining room, etc.), carpets (the deductible is only authorized for a single carpet) , new or used household appliances, televisions and other similar appliances.

This concerns in particular the temporary admission (AT) of passenger vehicles. The ADII has decided to authorize the AT on the basis of a non-legalized power of attorney, in addition to the driving of the vehicle by any person residing abroad other than the holder of the AT card, without prior agreement of the administration, on condition that you have the original documents for the vehicle (registration certificate, valid AT document) as well as a power of attorney, in the event of driving the vehicle abroad.

In the event of exceeding the deadline of validity of the AT granted for these vehicles, the MRE who spontaneously present themselves to the customs service, are compelled to pay a penalty the amount of which is 1,000 DH for exceeding 30 days and less, 2,500 DH for overrun of 31 to 60 days, 5,000 DH for overrun of 61 days to 180 days and 10,000 DH for overrun of more than 180 days.

In particular, the administration has implemented a specific e-mail address, [email¬†protected]in order to allow data subjects to exercise, in accordance with the provisions of Law 09-08 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, their rights of access, opposition and rectification in relation to the data of AT operations supported on the computer system of the ADII and consultable via the online service “Consultation of AT TRAVELERS” accessible from the official portal of the administration.

For the ADII, this is an opportunity to invite the service to further strengthen and consolidate collaboration and coordination with the various actors and stakeholders concerned by this operation, in particular the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the Hassan II for MREs, the Ministry in charge of MREs, the DGSN and local authorities.


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