What is causing this rise in temperature?

The temperatures currently felt in Morocco, days of strong suffocating heat, are they normal in this month of June? Why do the temperatures seem to conform to seasonal norms when the feeling is different? The General Directorate of Meteorology of Morocco responds.

For a week, the kingdom has been experiencing an intense heat wave when the weather forecast shows average temperatures, not above seasonal norms, between 25 and 35 degrees depending on the cities and regions.

This heat wave is defined by “a significant warming of the air, or an invasion of very hot air over a large territory, generally for three consecutive days or more with temperatures that exceed normal”, indicated to MoroccoLatestNews FR , Hussein Youabd of Morocco’s General Directorate of Meteorology.

It is therefore not a heat wave for the moment, but the hot and heavy air is well felt and raises questions. Is it normal for there to be a lag between the information shared by the weather forecast and the feeling? Can the same meteorological value be felt differently from one day to another.

If Morocco was spared by the heat wave which crossed Spain and which is currently heading towards France, the feeling of asphyxiating heat is there, and this situation “that our country knows is what we call Chergui”, says Hussein Youabd.

“It is a heat wave linked to the rise of hot air from the great Sahara which is brought back by winds from the South to the South-East”, he described.

This mass of hot air warms the atmosphere gradually rising towards the center of the country, the north and the east, and it causes “a rise of 5 to 10 degrees compared to normal”.

The rise in temperatures is recorded especially in the regions of Souss, the plains of Tadla, Al Haouz, Rhamna, Chiadma, Tensift, the phosphate-Oulmes plateaus, Saiss and the interior of Gharb, Loukkous, and Chaouia and Abda, the Eastern and the South-East of the country, indicates the same source.

If several regions of the country are witnessing this increase in temperatures at the moment, these heat waves can later turn into overcast, gray skies and episodes of rain, while retaining the heat.

The General Directorate of Meteorology of Morocco, explains that this heat wave that our country is now experiencing, is not early for the period, recalling that “we have known years or heat waves have already interested our country during this period in the past, in particular during one of the heat waves of 2015 and 2019 following the rise of hot air of Saharan origin towards our country, and records were recorded during these periods”.



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