What happened during the Raja and FAR game ?

What happened during the Raja and FAR game ?

Football fans were left stunned when a video surfaced showing a high-ranking Raja (RCA) official spitting at a Royal Army (AS FAR) player, Zakaria Habti, in a shocking display of aggression.

The official in question reportedly attacked and assaulted Habti for his provocative goal celebration against his former club.

In the viral video, Abdallah Al Ibrahimi, who wears two hats as the Spokesperson of Raja and the Vice President of the Professional Football League, can be seen going after the young player who recently made the switch from Raja to the Royal Army squad.

The video has set social media on fire, with fans demanding that Al Ibrahimi face severe consequences for what they see as a disgraceful act that tarnished the reputation of Moroccan football.

AS FAR released a statement expressing their strong disapproval of the “reckless actions and verbal attack on player Zakaria El Habat by Raja’s spokesperson.”

The statement continued, saying, “The club condemns this irresponsible behavior and plans to reach out to the Ethics Committee to file an official complaint. We have video evidence to back our claims and are eager to see an investigation launched into this shocking assault.”

Aside from the one involving the spokesperson, additional videos have emerged post-match, documenting alleged riots among Raja supporters.

In the aftermath of the incident, fans have had mixed reactions. 

An anonymous Raja supporter told MoroccoLatestNews English that “there was no post-match rioting, at least in the area where I exited the stadium.”

When it comes to Habat’s celebration, they said that “celebrating a goal against a former team should be done with respect, and El Habat’s jersey-removing, kissing celebration was disrespectful.”

The supporter refrained from commenting on the spokesperson’s actions but suggested that “if it was self-defense against the player’s antics, it might be somewhat understandable.”

On the flip side, an AS FAR supporter who spoke to MoroccoLatestNews English criticized the spokesperson’s behavior as “morally wrong.”

They pointed out that someone in Al Ibrahimi’s position should have kept their cool, and “had no business being on the pitch, in the first place.” 

“No matter how unruly the player’s behavior was, the official should have known better,” they said. 

The fan added that “if the player had crossed ethical lines, there are committees in place to handle such matters. Now it’s the spokesperson who should be punished.” 

‘Khawa Khawa,’ a time sensitive faux-pas

The incident involving the spokesperson spitting on the ASFAR player was not the sole headline of the game. 

Another noteworthy incident that stirred controversy on social media was a video circulating of Raja supporters chanting “Khawa Khawa.” 

This chant, which calls for establishing brotherhood between Algeria and Morocco rather than hostility, left many social media users outraged.

The timing was particularly sensitive, as just a few days prior, two Moroccan citizens had tragically lost their lives when the Algerian army shot them while they were jet skiing near the border.

Commenting on the chant, The AS FAR supporter told MoroccoLatestNews English that “politics should certainly remain out of sports”

Idriss, an RCA supporter, explained to MoroccoLatestNews English, “The chant came in the aftermath of Raja’s Algerian player, Yousri Bouzok, scoring the second goal at the 33rd minute of the game.”

Idriss went on to note, “This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this chant in stadiums. It was sung in Algeria as well and various other contexts too.”

“Bouzok is a favorite football player among Raja’s supporters because of his exceptional talent. This was clearly demonstrated by his contribution of two goals for Raja in the game,” Idriss added.

This fact didn’t deter social media users from directing scathing criticism at Raja’s fans for choosing this specific chant. 

One Twitter user expressed their concerns, saying, “We had previously alerted the authorities about the potential dangers associated with the slogans and chants endorsed by Raja’s fans, which appear to align with the stances and agendas of parties hostile to Morocco. This issue goes beyond the realm of sports.”

Another Twitter user chimed in, stating, “Attempting to play the role of a peace advocate was inappropriate and unwelcome in this context.”

A third Twitter user added, “I hope that Raja’s fans will issue an official apology to all Moroccans for singing ‘Khawa Khawa,’ and I also hope they extend their sympathy to the families of the victims who tragically lost their lives at the hands of ‘Khawa Khawa’ (Algeria).”

It’s worth noting that the controversial game ended in a tie, with both Raja and the defending champions, ASFAR, having accumulated 4 points each.

 As it stands, Raja holds the third position, while ASFAR is in fourth place. The difference in goal statistics gives Raja the upper hand in securing third place over ASFAR.


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