WFP is committed to the Executive and will always defend Moroccan women

WFP is committed to the Executive and will always defend Moroccan women

The secretary general of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), Abdellatif Ouahbi, took advantage of the holding of the regional congress in Marrakech to send strong messages to his allies within the Executive and reminded that he would do his best to ensure an honest and serene debate on the reforms envisaged, in particular that relating to the Family Code.

In his speech on the occasion of the holding of the regional congress of the “PAM” on Saturday in Marrakech, Abdellatif Ouahbi, Secretary General of the PAM, seized the opportunity to bring clarifications concerning many topical subjects, including including the positioning of the party and the relationship with the majority within the governing coalition.

The Minister of Justice made it clear that his party occupies ” a position that suits him, and we have become at the heart of political decision-making and the guarantor of governmental stability, because we are part of this decision“.

And if we present our observations, it is because they are part of a framework of honesty and trust with the head of government, which we will not make a combat arena. Yes, we express our opinion and ultimately respect the decision, and that’s common sense” , he added.

For Ouahbi, a lot of water flowed under the bridge when the leadership and the National Council decided to become part of the government after a long discussion, and ” we have concluded that the vote we have obtained means that we assume responsibility for the management of public affairs. And we know with certainty that the head of government holds all the powers he delegates to ministers, so we work under his mandate in perfect harmony.“.

When we could not find cadres in our party, we decided to seek the help of a group of experienced Moroccan women and men to manage government files, because ministerial responsibility is a right for all Moroccans, and this is our approach. And we insured until the last breath“, continues the SG of the WFP.

The Minister of Justice notably affirmed, on this occasion, that his party continues to ” to defend equality and to change the laws“, and underlined: “ It is moral and duty to listen to women and pay no attention to those who twist our words to offend us“.

He called, in this sense, to have a ” frank discussion on the Family Code “. And to add: “We are committed to changing the law and we will change it, but everyone has remained silent. And I want to tell the woman that I am engaged and that I will do everything in my power to do so, because it is the will of the King”, while denying “ the procrastination and delay in processing important files such as criminal law and the reform of the Family Code “.

According to Ouahbi, the reform will not be implemented by one institution without another, so the Ministry of Justice will discuss this issue, which is considered a decision of society, and requires royal approval, and the final decision rests with the Head of the Moroccan state“, noting that the Kingdom of Morocco is founded on solid foundations which ensure the stability of this country.


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