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“Welcome to Morocco”: RedOne proud to have created the official Mondialito anthem | MoroccoLatestNews French

The official Club World Cup anthem, “Welcome to Morocco”, was unveiled on Sunday. To highlight the development of this work, and its backstage, a press conference was held this Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at the Bab Al-Rouah Gallery in Rabat, in the presence of its producer RedOne.

The official song of the 2022 edition of the FIFA Club World Cup, hosted by Morocco until February 11, was unveiled barely three days ago and has already caused a stir on the Youtube platform, reaching 1 million views in less than 24 hours.

Called “Welcome to Morocco”, this anthem, produced by RedOne, brought together eminent Moroccan stars, including Asmaa Lamnawar, Rym Fikri, Aminux, Douzi, Hatim Ammor, Zouhair Bahaoui, Nouamane Belaiachi and Dizzy Dros.

I am very happy and proud to have been able to contribute to the creation of the official song of the FIFA Club World Cup 2022. When you are offered the opportunity to make a song for your home country, it is something very special, because you can be asked to create a song for Qatar for example, but it’s not the same”, says RedOne or Nadir Khayat, his real name.

THE composer-performer-director and producer, appointed in December 2021 executive director of entertainment within the International Federation of Association Football, revealed that he felt a kind of responsibility towards his native country and an obligation to offer the best to his fans.

RedOne thus chose to produce the song by integrating verses in English so that ” everyone can understand its meaning“. He explains in particular that he often tries, in the case of the official songs produced for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, to introduce ” Moroccan footprint and culture in his creations.

Regarding the delay in the launch of the song, Nadir Khayat explains that ” it was a matter of time”. “We didn’t want to rush its release to end up with a mediocre result, but we wanted to create a song worthy of this competition and worthy of representing our country.“, he says.

And to add that ” the choice of artists was also important to ensure the success of the song, noting on the other hand that the time factor somehow forced them to shoot the clip only in the cities of Rabat and Kenitra and could not afford to do the tour of the Kingdom, but that did not prevent the producer, through the various musical repertoires mixed, from sharing the cultural heritage of the different Moroccan regions.

I thank the FRMF and FIFA as well as the artists who have done an excellent job. Admittedly, the time factor was pressing us, but we made a song that represents Morocco in the best way I think and we will continue to raise the Moroccan flag on an international scale.“, he said again.

For his part, Aminux said to himself ” very happy to have participated in the realization of this work”.

“We hope that those who listened to the song enjoyed it and also feel happy“, he told MoroccoLatestNews.

To conclude: ” I really hope that we managed to represent our country well. We tried to share the traditional aspect of Morocco and demonstrate its territorial unity, as the artists came together to create this song that unites all parts of the Kingdom and its repertoires“.



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