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“We want to bring Casablanca’s budget to 10 billion dirhams annually”

The city of Casablanca suffers from a lot of problems that previous governments and councils left behind them, the budget has certainly increased but the ambition is to bring it to 10 billion dirhams, says Nabila Rmili, mayor of Casablanca.

Nabila Rmili reminded, on Saturday during the gathering of elected officials of the RNI party in the Casablanca-Settat region, the urgent measures that have been launched and the enormous efforts made for the benefit of the city, declaring that “ Casablanca’s budget did not exceed 3.5 billion dirhams annually, whereas this year we increased it to 4.2 billion dirhams, and we have the ambition to increase it by 10 billion per year“.

The mayor of the economic capital said that the city ” suffers from the accumulated and thorny problems left by successive governments and previous councils“. She explained that she took office as mayor of Casablanca when the city was already in a state of emergency. ” The roads are old. We fight against time in Casablanca“, adds the elected RNI.

Speaking about the gathering of his party’s elected officials, Rmili pointed out that such gatherings provide the elected congregation with opportunities for discussion and correcting shortcomings and stumbling blocks.

As for the various problems of the city, the mayor evokes the absence of a land base to make Casablanca a cultural city and to set up a sports complex, in addition to the obstacles linked to human resources, stressing that ” the average age of employees in the municipality is 56, taking into account the termination of employment in the city in 2003“.

In addition, the Rniste specifies that 400,000 passengers cross Casablanca daily by bus, and 200,000 by tram, “ which forces us to find solutions”, revealing that the real price of a “tram ticket which sells for 7 dirhams, is 12 dirhams“. Rmili notably affirmed that the municipality of Casablanca self-finances 96% of tax revenue and benefits from 6% of the value added tax.



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