“We have a government with a homogeneous majority and level ministers”

“We have a government with a homogeneous majority and level ministers”

The government majority is cohesive and homogeneous, and the Executive has level ministers, reaffirmed, on Saturday in Rabat, the president of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) and head of government, Aziz Akhannouch.

Speaking at the 5th Forum of RNI elected officials from the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region, the leader of the party, Aziz Akhannouch, welcomed the achievements of his party within the Executive, noting that ” the attractiveness of the party is still present, and its reasonableness is still clear to citizens“, and recalling in this sense that two million and one hundred people, exactly, voted for the party.

In addition, the Chief Executive stressed that the first and second years of the mandate of his government ” weren’t easy” , on the other hand, ” notWe have a government with a homogeneous majority and level ministers“, he argued.

They wanted to drag us to see only the morning and evening problems and not pay attention to the future, but we solve these problems by allocating ten million dirhams to support agriculture, and we have not lost most important view, the health sector by opening 1,500 clinics that meet European standards“, Akhannouch clarified.

And to add: Primary and higher education are among our priorities, and through this we can change the life of the student. Just don’t slam the door in his face in his first year. We must not neglect the investment charter either.“.

According to the RNIst, Morocco is progressing thanks to the confidence of the citizens but also to the confidence in the King. ” We are satisfied with the projects we carry out. Whether we stay in government or not, our King will stay here and these projects will continue to develop, because these are projects designed in favor of Moroccans and in the interest of employment.“, he indicated.

Akhannouch also praised the achievements of the city of Rabat and the presence of his party in the capital, saying: They are strongly present in the municipalities, and the mayor of the city is also part of the RNIstes (…) The level of Rabat has become international and this thanks to the efforts of His Majesty and those who accompany him, that he acts of the governor or the mayor, and others“.

And to conclude, the leader of the RNI addressed the members of his party, reminding them: ” You have positive results that must be preserved (…) We have come to protect the citizen and satisfy his aspirations“.


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