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We are here to win the World Cup

In the pre-match press conference between Morocco and France in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, Walid Regragui clearly explained that he had come to lift the trophy and gave news of his players. The Moroccan coach also spoke about the relationship between Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi.

“We want to go to the final and win. We are ready to do anything to achieve this goal. We will have extraordinary energy tomorrow. To say that we are satisfied to have reached the semi-finals does not suit us. It might be the only chance to win it.” insists the Moroccan coach.

According to him, it is also a question of changing the mentalities of the African country. “We came to change the mentality of our continent. If we are happy to be in half, I would not be happy. I want to be in the final. I hope that France will not respect us. Because it will be difficult if that is the case.explains the coach of the Atlas Lions.

“We are on a mission, we are not tired, I insist. Tomorrow, we will run, there will be no fatigue. We have an opportunity, I don’t want to waste it. I don’t want to wait 40 years. There are times when you have to mark your territory, this is the moment”, he added.

Regarding the physical condition of his players, Regragui did not want to come forward, admitting that there were many injuries. “We have a lot of injuries, but we are recovering well. We have a high level medical staff. We often have good news. For the moment, no one is out, but no one is IN. We will wait until the last minute, as usual.explained the coach.

Speaking about his opponent, 2018 world champion, Regragui did not fail to mention Kylian Mbappé and his relationship with Achraf Hakimi. The coach says his player is ready to beat “his friend”.

“Hakimi knows Mbappé better than I do. We are not going to make an anti-Mbappe plan. Unfortunately, it’s not just him. When you know Griezmann’s level between the lines… But Hakimi is a great champion so I have no worries.” did he declare.

“If France leaves us possession, we will take it, but I don’t think they will leave it. So we have to know how to prevent them from shooting on goal.continues Regragui who intends to give everything to beat the formidable French team.



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