Wanted Algerian national arrested while fleeing to Morocco by sea

Wanted Algerian national arrested while fleeing to Morocco by sea

A Spanish media report unveiled that an Algerian national was detained by the Spanish civil guard while trying to flee by swimming to Morocco, 10 days after he committed a crime.

According to “El Faro De Ceuta” media, the individual in question attempted to swim from Ceuta to Morocco in order to evade justice because he was wanted for a murder committed in France. 

He had no idea that this action would alert the Civil Guard, whose agents proceeded to identify him and subsequently confirm what was concealed behind his action.

The detained man claimed to be Moroccan despite not having any documents to prove his identity. 

According to the same media, he then alleged that he was swimming to Morocco in an attempt to return to his “native country”. 

The Spanish Civil Guard said that they tried thoroughly identifying the intercepted individual because of the contradictions he showed, leading to the grand revelation that he was wanted for murder.

“Once the true identity of said person was verified and confirmed, it was found that there was a European Arrest and Surrender Order on him, claimed by the Judicial Authorities of France for the murder of a person on September 19 of this year, proceeding to his arrest immediately,” explained the same authority.

The detainee, who is of Algerian descent, was taken into custody by the Central Court of Investigation of the National Court, which is responsible for carrying out the European Arrest and Surrender Order, and it was decided that he would be imprisoned until extradition.


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