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Walid Regragui explains the success of the Atlas Lions at the World Cup

By climbing into the last four of the World Cup in Qatar, the Atlas Lions have made millions of Moroccans proud. Walid Regragui’s players were buoyed by unprecedented domestic popular support, before he crossed the borders of the Kingdom.

The Moroccans offered themselves a footballing career like never before in their history, nor indeed African or Arab selections. Walid Regragui, the architect of this glorious epic, was approached by MoroccoLatestNews in an exclusive interview. The national team coach assesses the performance of his foals and comments on the royal interest in the sport.

Walid Regragui who has become, by force of circumstances and exploits, the most beloved national coach of all, explains at the outset: “ Moroccan football is now part of the world elite, it is an honor for the Kingdom. First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to King Mohammed VI for what he is doing for Moroccan football and sport in general”. And Regragui to add“It is thanks to his support that we have achieved these performances which are the pride of the Moroccan people”.

The former Moroccan international retained this strong moment which will remain in his heart for life, and above all, he boosted the course of the Atlas Lions: “When Sidna came out to celebrate the victory with the people, it was the best support for us in Qatar. We could only transcend ourselves. It’s huge. The popular fervor was incredible. It allowed the players to take the measure of the expectations of the people. It is positive, because this popular passion will serve in the future to push the players to give the maximum of wet the jersey as well as possible”.

Moreover, and while savoring this fabulous course of the Moroccan selection which will remain forever engraved in the memories of the group, Walid Regragui is projecting himself towards the future. He said during his interview that the next challenge for the Moroccan team is the next African Cup of Nations scheduled for 2024 in Côte d’Ivoire. This is the only condition for this generation to claim to be the best in Moroccan and African football.

Walid Regragui praised the parental ties and said while thanking the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) for having decided to take the relatives of the members of the Moroccan team to Qatar, and to offer them an all-inclusive stay. An indescribable asset and above all paying off according to the coach of the Moroccan selection. “Behind this massive family support – especially that of their mothers and their visibility – enjoyed by the Atlas Lions in Qatar, it is a strong image that we have shown to the world. The Moroccan people need the family spirit to be close», welcomes the national coach.

Walid Regragui obviously paid tribute to the players; primarily responsible for these successes, but he also wanted to congratulate his technical and medical staff, the FRMF and the entire delegation who, each in their own way, contributed to this performance.



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