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Wafa Assurance remunerates life insurance contracts at 3.1% and 3.0% under the revaluation of savings for 2021

Wafa Assurance customers holding a savings insurance contract will benefit for the 2021 financial year from a net revaluation rate of 3.1% or 3.0%, depending on the product, thus benefiting from a level of revaluation at the upper end of the market range.

Wafa Assurance policyholders thus benefit from performance resulting from rigorous management, the quality of the company’s investments and Wafa Assurance’s long experience in life insurance. Indeed, Wafa Assurance’s historical investments in bonds at higher interest rates than the current ones as well as the purchases of shares at cost prices generating capital gains generate attractive returns for all Wafa customers. Insurance, whether they are new customers or historical customers.

In addition, the size of Wafa Assurance’s balance sheet, 25 billion dirhams of assets under management, allows economies of scale beneficial to customers. Finally, Wafa Assurance policyholders also benefit from the company’s solid fundamentals, as evidenced by the level of the company’s consolidated equity which amounts to 9.2 billion dirhams and the solvency ratio which stands at 3 times the minimum. regulation excluding unrealized capital gain at the end of 2021.




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