Visit of an official EU delegation to Morocco to strengthen the green partnership

Visit of an official EU delegation to Morocco to strengthen the green partnership

As part of the green partnership between Morocco and the European Union, signed in October 2022, a delegation representing four directorates-general of the European Union (EU) visited Morocco on June 5 and 6, 2023, visiting the cities of Rabat and Casablanca.

This visit aims to deepen political dialogue with institutional partners and the private sector in Morocco. The dialogue focused on several important sectors such as energy, water-related agriculture, green finance and circular economy, according to an EU statement.

“The EU and Morocco are stepping up their dialogue for the transition to a low-carbon, resilient global economy, and are working to establish strong cooperation in priority sectors such as renewable energies and green hydrogen, in accordance with the strategy of the + Global Gateway + (Global Gateway) developed by the European Union, implemented in several areas, including climate and energy”, said the EU.

So far, this green partnership has resulted in several activities, the same source points out. During the official visit to Morocco at the beginning of March, European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi signed the “Green Earth” program in support of the national “Green Generation” strategy in the agricultural sector, as well as the national strategy “Forests of Morocco” in the forestry sector.

This program, worth 115 million euros, aims to strengthen research, development, training, support and advice for the sustainable, comprehensive and resilient management of agricultural and forestry environmental systems in the kingdom, indicates -your.

Therefore, the EU announces the signing soon of new cooperation initiatives with Morocco in the field of green energy, the circular economy and the reduction of carbon emissions in the industrial sector.

Study visits and thematic meetings are regularly organized between the Kingdom and the European Union to share good practices in the management of water resources, renewable energies, energy efficiency, biodiversity and green finance. , stresses the EU.

According to the European Union, this Morocco-EU green partnership also offers significant investment opportunities for the private sector, which plays a key role in the transition to a green economy. This includes raising awareness among economic actors of the opportunities and requirements of the European Green Deal, such as the new border carbon regulation mechanism and new environmental laws.

The delegation visiting Morocco met the private sector this Tuesday, June 6 at the headquarters of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) in Casablanca, in the presence of the president of the CGEM, Chakib Alj, and the ambassador of the European Union in Morocco, Patricia Llombart Cussac.

In partnership with civil society, several awareness-raising activities on climate change and the green transition will also be organized in order to increase awareness, mobilization and promote this transition, announces the EU. In this context, the climate change caravan “ Our Climate » has traveled several regions of the kingdom since April, with the aim of raising awareness of climate change, promoting respect for the environment and its sustainability. This caravan will continue until the end of June.

The green partnership also involves the support of several Member States of the European Union and European financial institutions operating in Morocco, which are mobilizing through the initiative ” Team Europe“, specifies the EU.

By way of example, the EU cites in the field of energy, on the sidelines of the 27th Conference of the Parties, Morocco, Germany, Spain, France and Portugal which have signed a protocol of agreement on sustainable electricity trade, aimed at encouraging the production of renewable energy through cross-border agreements for the sale and purchase of renewable energy between companies.


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