Victims demand Ministerial investigation alongside judicial inquiry

Victims demand Ministerial investigation alongside judicial inquiry

Authorities are continuing their investigation into the August 20 Hospital, after a number of patients reported losing eyesight after receiving an injection at the establishment.

MoroccoLatestNews sources reported that authorities have heard all complainants, and will begin interrogating to the hospital administration and the doctors who supervised the operation, in addition the pharmacy from which they obtained the injection.

In a statement, victims with affected eyesight demanded that the Ministry of Health send a ministerial committee to investigate the matter in parallel with the ongoing judicial investigation.

They noted that the ministry is required to own up its responsibilities towards them, as “what happened to them occurred in a public, state hospital,” calling for “objectivity and impartiality in determining the reasons and causes.”

The affected patients expressed their rejection and astonishment at the Ministry of Health’s bias towards the management of the August 20 Hospital, by adopting the aforementioned administration’s narrative, noting that the Ministry’s lack of neutrality “puts it in the category of participants in the grave damage that the victims experienced in the Casablanca hospital.”


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