Verbal contest between Nabila Mounib and Laftit about slums

Verbal contest between Nabila Mounib and Laftit about slums

The subject of slum dwellers in the Skhirat-Temara region and the lands of Guich Loudaya was at the center of a verbal contest between the parliamentarian, Nabila Mounib and the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouadi Laftit.

The left-wing parliamentarian questioned the minister on Monday during the oral question session in the House of Representatives about the “manipulations” that tainted the process of census of the inhabitants of the slums of the region of Skhita-Témara and “the excessive use of the power” in the process of expulsion of the citizens concerned.

The file has returned to the center of debate since the protests of residents who say they have been wronged. The Secretary General of the Unified Socialist Party (PSU) addressed severe criticism to the management of this file from the inside, to which the Minister replied with a wholesale denial.

Abdelouafi Laftit said that the ministry has found an “effective solution” to reach a solution to this problem which concerns the slums, with the contribution of all the stakeholders, affirming that the solutions provided “did not exist in the past”. .

The problem at the level of the city of Rabat and Skhirat Temara “is solved”, pending “a solution to the rest of the problems which have arisen in a number of cities and which have existed for more than 20 years”, he said. advance.

To note that “not only can we be delighted (with this result) but we must also encourage the authorities working in this area”, stressing that the Ministry of the Interior defends the rights holders among the inhabitants of Guich Oudayas and the groups of Soulalyat”, who received “all their due”.

Nabila Mounib, who challenged the minister, called on him to reveal and make public the procedures to be followed to settle the Guich Oudayas land file in a fair manner for the rights holders and the original owners, to answer to their legitimate claims, to put an end to their suffering and to compensate them.

The parliamentarian recalled that the Unified Socialist Party (PSU) had called for the opening of an investigation into the “manipulations” that tainted the process of identifying slum dwellers in the Temara region and their displacement by force.

Nabila Mounib also criticized what she described as the authorities’ “disengagement” from multilateral agreements relating to the relocation of 703 families to one of the city’s Douars, as well as the campaign of arrests targeting 10 activists, including a member. of the PSU.

The left-wing parliamentarian urged the minister to communicate the measures planned by his department to stop “the abuse of power by agents of authority against citizens and human rights activists” at the level of the regions of the Kingdom. , to which the Minister replied that it was necessary to “encourage the authorities working in this field”.

The government, through the departments of Housing, Education, Economy, Finance and local communities, has done a remarkable job “within the prefecture of Skhirat-Temara, which includes 30,000 housing units in sheet metal, he said, pointing out that the government was able to overcome these constraints by relocating citizens to habitable houses with the help of everyone involved, and in a process “that is going well”. .


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