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US and Israel seal declaration of ‘war’

During a visit by the American president to Israel, the United States reiterated its strategic alliance with the Jewish state against Iran, in a statement signed Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

The United States is ready to use “all elements of their national power” in order to prevent Iran from acquiring atomic weapons, underlines a declaration signed Thursday in Jerusalem by the American president and the Israeli Prime Minister.

This Declaration comes at a time when Iran denies wanting to acquire nuclear weapons, which Israel, for its part, possesses and is the only country in the region to have.

The United States, under Joe Biden, is trying the difficult equation of returning to the 2015 agreement from which it unilaterally left in 2018 under Donald Trump. The idea would be to incorporate new provisions and guarantee the civilian character of Iran’s nuclear program.

But Israel is not in favor of this path and wants to prevent Iran from using nuclear power at all costs. United States ” pledge never to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and to use all elements of their national power to ensure this. points to the confusing Jerusalem Declaration.

In addition, the Declaration signed on Thursday affirms that the United States is committed “to preserve and enhance Israel’s ability to deter its enemies and defend itself against any threat or combination of threats”.

These provisions hint at a future war between Israel and Iran which would suppose that the United States will be on Israel’s side militarily.

The two leaders signed this“Jerusalem Declaration on the Strategic Partnership between the United States and Israel” on the occasion of President Biden’s first visit to the Middle East devoted in part to the Iranian nuclear program.

Israeli officials have repeated in recent months that despite the resumption of an international and institutional framework for nuclear power in Iran, the country would retain “freedom of action” and its strike force.

Thursday, the American president showed his unconditional support for Israel by detaching himself from the Vienna agreement of 2015. The United States does not “won’t wait foreveran Iranian nuclear deal, he said.




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