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Uruguay set to break with pseudo SADR to strengthen ties with Morocco

In a vision of determination targeting the strengthening of its diplomatic and commercial relations with Morocco, the government of Uruguay is ready to withdraw its recognition of the pseudo “SADR” and to sever ties with the militia. This is also what the Uruguayan daily El Observador said on Wednesday.

Published this Wednesday in the newspaper El Observador, the article titled “The government freezes ties with the Sahrawi Republic and takes measures to deepen relations with Morocco” affirms the desire of Uruguayans to strengthen relations with the Kingdom despite its commercial links with Algeria, which plays in favor of the “SADR”.

“The government is determined to deepen diplomatic and commercial relations with Morocco, which necessarily requires the cancellation or suspension of relations with the SADR, a territory recognized as independent by the Uruguayan state in 2007, under the first government of Tabaré Vazquez. », said the daily.

The newspaper notably recalled the last official visit of the delegation including several senior Uruguayan officials to Rabat at the beginning of the current month. The delegation was led and chaired by Jorge Osvaldo Gandini Astesiano, Vice-President of the Senate, who had come on a working visit to the Kingdom to participate in the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf Economic Forum of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, which was organized by the House of Councilors in Marrakech, on December 7 and 8, 2022.

This visit was an opportunity for the officials of the two countries to reconcile points of view, to exchange and consolidate parliamentary dialogue and to clarify visions and positions. It was in particular an opportunity for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi El Alami, to highlight the achievements of the Kingdom of Morocco in several areas, achievements carried out under the high royal instructions. He also highlighted,the developments of the cause of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and the regional and international support it enjoys, in addition to the development projects in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, which have become a reference in several vital sectors“, said the press release published by the Chamber.

The talks focused on the level of bilateral relations between the two countries, the role of parliamentary diplomacy in clarifying visions and positions and the opening of a new page between Morocco and Uruguay on the basis respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of States“, adds the note.

Well before the announcement of the Uruguayan newspaper, the vice-president of the senate said he was optimistic about the path taken by the two countries and welcomed the open and effective dialogue since the formation of the delegation “reflects the strong desire to write a different new page in the history of relations between the two countries and to consolidate them at the political, economic and parliamentary levelswhere the idea of ​​creating a Morocco-Uruguay parliamentary friendship group came from, an important step towards strengthening bilateral relations.

Uruguayan officials had also expressed their desire to overcome the vestiges of the past to build new relations based on “cooperation and mutual respect for the sovereignty and integrity of States» and which will allow «to identify the facts concerning the territorial integrity and development of the southern provinces“. It should be remembered that Uruguay had recognized the SADR in 2007 when the country was under the presidency of the socialist Tabaré Vazquez, who died two years ago now.



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