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Unusually, Ouled Ziane station hit by low demand

As observed recently at the bus station in “ Kamra » in Rabat, the Ouled Ziane station in Casablanca has also begun to experience the influx of citizens wishing to travel to various destinations in the Kingdom, in order to spend the Eid Al-Adha holiday with their families and loved ones.

Who says Eid Al-Adha says Bulfaf and Mechoui with family. It is the period of the year that knows the most mobility of Moroccans who go to the four corners of the country to celebrate this religious holiday with their families.

In Casablanca, the largest bus station in the Ouled Ziane Kingdom has started to receive customers. Contrary to the beginning of the week, visitors were more numerous on Wednesday and Thursday given the approach of the date of Eid, scheduled for Sunday July 10, and to avoid traffic jams which lead to traffic during the two days preceding the holiday. .

Even if the Ouled Ziane station has seen the influx of a good number of citizens wishing to obtain their ticket in advance or to take the road a few days before, the figures remain low compared to what the station has accustomed to receiving on such an occasion in recent years.

This observation was also made by road carriers who believe that the demand for travel via the Ouled Ziane bus station is still limited, expressing their hope that it will increase in the two days before Eid al-Adha.

Demand is still weak. We expect a rise in the next two days (Friday and Saturday)“, told MoroccoLatestNews Younes Boulak, President of the Moroccan Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises for Road Transport in Morocco.

On the other hand, what is perceptible “these days, continues our interlocutor, it is” that there is a significant demand for long journeys, unlike short lines such as Marrakech or the Doukkala region, for which demand remains very limited until today“. In this regard, he expresses the hope of professionals to see an increase in demand in the next 48 hours.

With regard to transport prices, which have been revised upwards, at least as far as the station of Kamra in Rabat, they have not changed and have not undergone any modification“, affirmed our interlocutor.

For his part, Mustapha Lkihel, national secretary for road transport at the Moroccan Democratic Labor Union, noted the weakness of the movement in comparison with previous years and on such an occasion. Professionals in the road transport sector are experiencing a difficult situation in terms of demand, unlike in the past, when customers bought their tickets in bulk and in advance, he tells us.

The trade unionist thus confirms that the supply in terms of the number of buses is sufficiently available. However, he laments, the demand remains non-existent, and “ given the reluctance of citizens to use this means of transport, prices cannot be increased”.




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