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Unrealized files dating back 20 years, the ministry open to dialogue

The National Union of Higher Education has announced a three-day general strike, on June 7, 8 and 9, in all higher education establishments.

In a statement, the National Union of Higher Education called ” all teacher-researchers to mobilize and prepare to engage in new forms of struggle, in order to preserve their dignity, grant them the consideration and prestige that is due to them, and preserve the public space of higher education and scientific researche “.

The Syndicate believes that this escalation comes after having exhausted all means with the ministry in charge of the higher education sector, which has not fulfilled its obligations, particularly with regard to the status of teacher-researchers.

Solicited byMoroccoLatestNewsAbdellatif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, indicated that the door to dialogue is always open to teachers, considering that the decision to carry out a strike concerns them alone.

Not being at all in favor of the strike announced by the union, the Minister of Higher Education considers that this escalation is not in the interest of the system and that the challenges facing the sector concern everyone, and not just the ministry.

Thus, Minister Miraoui confirmed to us that he had set a date to meet around the dialogue table with the union, before the teachers decided to strike. In this sense, he called for concerted efforts to achieve this “prestige and this considerationexpected and restore confidence in the higher education system.

The government official specified that the dialogue is open with this category of teacher and that the committees are working on a set of points. A date has also been set, he confides to us, on June 23 and 24, in order to sit down with the unions and deliberate on the various demands of the workers.

According to the Minister of Higher Education, the government has only just started working on improving the sector. For him, “teachers cannot ask the current manager to achieve what has not been achieved in the last twenty years“.

Thus, work is underway to restore the deserved consideration to the higher education sector in Morocco, said the minister, noting however that “the responsibility is shared in this respect“.

The project has therefore been launched in this direction and regional meetings are being held to follow up on a vision during the month of September, the Minister indicated.




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