Universities urge Moroccan hospitals to open their doors to students for their internship

Some 8,000 Moroccan students fled Ukraine after the outbreak of war on February 28. After their return to Morocco, and school holidays decreed in Ukraine, the students were finally able to resume their studies remotely, almost two weeks ago. As for medical students, some Ukrainian universities have made a request to hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom to receive students who need to perfect their knowledge through internships.

In Poltava, Ukraine, life is gradually returning to normal, says a group of Moroccan students who are currently in Morocco and who have been studying remotely for two weeks. According to AM, a 4th year general medicine student in Poltova, the universities have opened their doors and teachers are starting to come back to the universities little by little and even organize seminars and other activities.

Distance learning is going pretty well. We start classes at 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Aware of the time difference between countries, the teachers invited us, via a group of students of different nationalities, to organize ourselves and give them a time slot for the start of the course. For example, we start at 8:30 a.m. Ukrainian time, the teachers have made sure to start at 11:30 a.m. so that there is no time difference between Morocco and Ukraine. But otherwise they are very flexible », entrusts us AM

Opening of hospitals and clinics to medical students from Ukraine

Training in medicine requires, from the 4th year, practical internships and observations within medical and hospital structures so that students can perfect their knowledge. Given the impossibility at this time for Ukrainian universities to provide internships to their foreign students who have left the country, several of them have seized the stakeholders of the native or host countries of their students, in particular hospitals and private clinics. , to open the door to students to carry out their internship in the field.

The University of Poltova would like to inform about the following issue and request a possible favor from some parties. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, all international students at our university are studying online, which is a compromise between the need to complete the semester and maintaining a high quality education.“, advances the University in a note, dated March 23, and of whichMoroccoLatestNews UKholds copy.

As a result, “we kindly ask you to request a favor from the hospitals and other health care organizations in the countries in which our international students are currently staying. This proposal includes the possibility of working, volunteering, observing and acquiring knowledge about certain medical procedures, which are part of their additional practical training.asks the University of Poltova.

A request, for the moment, difficult to implement since the stakeholders in this file, mainly the Ministry of Higher Education, have still not found a solution for students from Ukraine regarding their integration into universities. Moroccan. Students of medical faculties have recently expressed their refusal of the integration of students from Ukraine. For the Ministry of Health, which deals with hospitals and university hospitals, it is radio silence.

Parents in a sit-in in Rabat Thursday, March 31

It front of “silences” observed by the Ministry of Higher Education on this file and the “repeated speeches», the parents of Moroccan students in Ukraine are beginning to mobilize for the cause of their children and have observed an escalation in Rabat this week.

Parents have begun to realize that the procedure initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education for the integration of their children into Moroccan universities will certainly take time. Today, they are organizing to hold a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Higher Education Thursday, March 31 in Rabat at 10 a.m.», Tells us a student source.

Our source cites the example of Egypt, which has begun to announce dates to its students for the passage of tests and competitions in order to begin the integration procedure within universities, even if they only mention the private sector. .

In the end, the other countries react in one way or another so as not to leave their students waiting and in limbo while Morocco is still lagging behind and the same speeches are repeatedConcludes our student source.

Will students from Ukraine one day integrate Moroccan faculties and complete their university course? Will medical students from Ukraine be able to access hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom for their field internship? Several questions that require answers that the government is ignoring at the moment.

To be continued…



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