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Unions await Akhannouch’s invitation

It is planned that the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, will hold a new meeting with the most representative trade unions next April, in application of the agreement of April 30, 2022, which provided for the holding of two meetings per year between the head executive and trade union leaders.

The agreement signed on April 30, 2022 provided for the holding of two meetings a year between the head of government and the trade union leaders. A first meeting during the month of September each year, in order to allow the unions to formulate their observations and proposals on the finance bill, and a second during the month of April each year in order to find solutions appropriate to outstanding issues and discuss issues of concern to employees and workers.

However, the date of this meeting, scheduled for April, has not yet been set. Union sources who spoke to MoroccoLatestNews suggested that it would be held before the end of the month of Ramadan.

The unions are expected to make a number of demands on the head of government, including the implementation of the rest of the April 30 agreement, especially in its part relating to the general increase in wages.

In this regard, Khalihena Guerch, parliamentary adviser and member of the executive office of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), confirmed that the unions are waiting for the next round of social dialogue to renew their demand on the need for the government to keep its commitments, particularly with regard to the general increase in wages, the improvement of incomes and respect for trade union freedoms.

She pointed out that the movements of the CDT have been restricted in recent times, preventing sit-ins and protest marches that the union had called, considering this a violation of the Constitution. He insisted on the fact that progress on the road to social dialogue goes first through the implementation by the government of its obligations and commitments.

The trade unionist therefore warned that the general increase in wages has become an urgent demand in light of the unprecedented wave of inflation that Morocco is experiencing.

In the same context, a well-informed source from the General Union of Workers of Morocco (UGTM) confirmed the support of the trade union leaders for the declarations of Enaam Mayara, general secretary of the union and president of the Chamber of Councillors, in which he criticized the government and held it responsible for the rise in prices.

The same source said that the support of the UGTM, which is affiliated with the Istiqlal Party, to the government does not mean that it agrees on all lines, indicating that the union will defend the problems of the workers during future rounds of social dialogue.

It should be recalled that the unions had called on the government to increase wages in application of the agreement of April 30, 2022. But the government, for its part, affirms that the economic situation of the country does not allow it. The latter is seeking to persuade the unions to undertake a number of major reforms, including the pension reform file, the law on strikes and the law on trade unions.



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