Unemployed doctoral students threaten escalation

Unemployed doctoral students threaten escalation

The struggle of unemployed doctorate holders continues. In order to enlighten public opinion on their situation, the Coordination of unemployed doctors in Morocco organized, this Monday, July 10 in Rabat, a press conference to claim, once again, his right to integration within Moroccan universities and scientific research centers.

Under the motto ” Dignity or Martyrdom“, the Coordination set out the details of its case and the struggle waged by PhD holders who have been unemployed for several years, claiming their right to integration into the public service and denouncing the attitude of indifference of successive governments in recent years. years.

Nawal Hamdouni, unemployed PhD holder, points the finger “ the injustice of the Ministry of Higher Education became a persistent attitude for many years, during which almost all open positions were reserved for civil servants, the unfair practices consisting in creating positions tailored to specific people.

Unemployed doctoral students call on officials to assume their responsibilities for the evolution of the situation following the decisions that will be taken in the coming days, under the slogan dignity or martyrdom“, alerted Nawal Hamdouni in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews UK.

For Younes Achemrah, who also confided in MoroccoLatestNews UKunemployed doctoral students are only asking for one thing: to find effective solutions for all unemployed doctors since 2015, when the decree was promulgated by the former Minister of Higher Education, Lahcen Daoudi, who opened the way to the recruitment of all civil servants holding doctorates, leaving aside non-civil servant doctorate holders.

With the promulgation of this decree, there has been a certain segregation, division and violation of the Constitution. The next step in our fight for jobs and dignity is the streets. We will step up our fight, our protests and our pressure on the government so that we can all benefit from a job that preserves our dignity.“, he concluded.


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