Under the theme “Ethereal clay”, Omar Bouragba unveils his works in Casablanca

If the painting of Omar Bouragba resonates with the poetry of the poet Paul Eluard, during these prolific years, it is indeed because the universe of the painter as that of the poet and their inspiration of a great coherence and of a high spirituality is evident to us, writes Laurence Veysseyre in the artist’s presentation note.

Omar Bouragba has been painting for half a century with quiet consistency, far from the conflicts and roughness of life. It is the Breath that animates her and her recent creations appear to be enchanted allegories, she says.

Fire and Water are omnipresent, elements transcended by a set of convolutions and a chromatic scale which belong only to him. Then emerge sketches of faces, real stardust, gold, white, bluish, black, which hatch into a delicate symphony.

Omar Bouragba speaks directly to our senses, believes Laurence Veysseyre. To do this, he managed to develop a grammar, a syntax, a pictorial vocabulary which is specific to him. He then lets his imagination and his know-how unfold on the canvas, imprints coming straight from Another World.

His paintings, harmonious and fluid, take us to shores all of softness and tenderness, detached from the cold and often sad passions of our contemporary daily life.

Who is Omar Bouragba

Omar Bouragba was born in 1945 in Marrakech, where he lives and works. He is a member of the national association of fine arts (1965), founding member of the association of Moroccan plastic artists APM (1975), Vice-president of the Moroccan association of plastic arts AMAP in 2003, founding member of the Ambre Maroc association (2007).

His stay in Rabat allowed him to get to know the artistic milieu of the 1960s. This is how he befriended Mekki Morcia, who organized his first exhibition at La Mamounia in Rabat in 1965. His exhibition “Extrême Limite or The fusion in the Other ”, at La Maison de la Pensée, in 1967, reveals it to the rebati world of culture and the arts.

In addition, his meeting with Jilali Gharbaoui in 1965, and Ahmed Yacoubi in 1968 was decisive in his orientations as a painter. Likewise, Abderrahmane Serghini bought him two paintings which would be the first acquisitions of this entire prestigious collection, and offered him a workshop with all the necessary comfort to paint.

This period is marked by the break-up and the search for the center. Working, in haste and urgency, Marrakech called him in 1971 where he elected to remain in the spirituality of Ibn Arabi.

In Casablanca, Omar Bouragba unveils his latest works under the theme “Ethereal clay“, At So art gallery.



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