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UN Women and Ministry of Economy discuss ways to scale up inclusive financing for gender equality

The Ministry of Economy and Finance organized in partnership with UN Women, the International Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Financing for Gender Equality, to identify innovative financial measures for financing equality.

The conference launched on #EmpoweringEquality, shared global best practices on funding gender equality as a national initiative.

At a time when earmarked financing (social, gender, green, etc.) is developing around the world, Morocco, like other countries, is part of this global momentum for sustainable financing. It builds on lessons learned from international and national experiences, to initiate gender equality funding measures to help strengthen women’s economic inclusion, said a statement from the organizers.

A major process of reform in favor of women’s rights has been initiated, both at the normative, institutional and public policy levels. These public policies, such as the Intelaka, Awrach or Forsa programs and Gender Sensitive Budgeting, are associated with the steps taken by the public and private sectors, in favor of the economic inclusion of women.

Bringing together key national players from government, institutions, financial institutions and the private sector, as well as international players who influence capital markets and trends in sustainable finance, investment funds, the conference initiated a reflection on the in synergy, partnerships and the mobilization of public and private financing flows as transformative and innovative investment levers to stimulate the economic inclusion of women.



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