UN Chief Underlines Morocco’s Commitment to Ceasefire

UN Chief Underlines Morocco’s Commitment to Ceasefire

In his latest report to the Security Council on the Sahara, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres highlighted Morocco’s steadfast commitment to the ceasefire and military agreements.

Mr. Guterres said that he “notes Morocco’s stated intention to remain respectful of the ceasefire and the provisions of the military agreements and to maintain close cooperation with MINURSO at all levels.”

In his report which has just been published on the UN website, the Secretary-General emphasized the exemplary attitude of the Kingdom of Morocco to continue to respect its commitments, as well as the resolutions of the Security Council, despite the violations of the latter and of the ceasefire by Algeria and the “Polisario”.

This statement from the UN Chief reinforces the commitment expressed to him by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, during the telephone call of November 16, 2020.

During this telephone call, His Majesty the King reaffirmed to Mr. Guterres Morocco’s steadfast commitment to the ceasefire. Likewise, the Kingdom remains firmly determined to react, with the utmost severity and within the framework of legitimate defense, to any threat to its security and the peace of its citizens.

Furthermore, Mr. Guterres slammed the violations by the “Polisario”, on instructions from Algeria, of the ceasefire and military agreements, as well as its restrictions on the movement and supplies of MINURSO, in clear violation of Security Council resolutions.

The UN Chief ordered the “polisario”, which announced its withdrawal from the ceasefire, to return to it. Mr. Guterres underlined that it is critical for a ceasefire to be re-established, largely reinforcing the Kingdom’s far-sighted and determined position.


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