UK used as ‘back door’ for migrants from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia entering the EU

UK used as ‘back door’ for migrants from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia entering the EU

Migrant smuggling networks are capitalizing on the UK’s accessibility to sneak migrants into the European Union (EU) through the English Channel, reveals a report  by The Telegraph. 

Around 22 individuals from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, who had legally entered the UK using visitor visas, were caught attempting to smuggle themselves into France within a lorry, caught by French border police based in Dover.

These migrants, mainly from French-speaking countries including Morocco, are turning to the UK route as a safer alternative to the dangerous Mediterranean boat journey. 

In the last year, the Home Office issued over 40,000 visas to Moroccans and Algerians.

To counter the threat of illegal migration, EU countries are tightening internal border checks due to concerns over unregulated movement within the Schengen zone. 

Italy, in particular, has seen migrant arrivals double to 105,000 this year. Meanwhile, the UK has registered 18,618 migrant arrivals this year after Channel crossings, with 661 making the journey in a single day.

This trend has emerged due to the difficulties faced by French-speaking North Africans from countries like Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria in reaching France. 

Despite legally entering the UK, these migrants commit an offense on French soil, under the jurisdiction of France’s border checks in Dover.

A Border Force insider stated that migrants acquire visitor visas for the UK but intend to settle in France, making their way through the “backdoor” of the EU. 

This situation poses a challenge for UK authorities, as the migrants’ offense technically occurs in France despite their legal entry into the UK.

The Home Office reiterates its commitment to a balanced immigration policy that welcomes those in need while combating illegal immigration and foreign criminal activity. 


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