UK MP calls for strengthening trade with Morocco post-Brexit

UK MP calls for strengthening trade with Morocco post-Brexit

UK MP James Duddridge, a former Minister for Trade and Minister for Africa, emphasized the importance of leveraging the UK’s long-standing relationship with Morocco to seize post-Brexit trade opportunities.

With the UK making significant strides in signing historic trade deals, Duddridge urged a focus on the next deal and highlighted the potential gains from bolstering ties with Morocco.

Duddridge acknowledged the continent’s emergence as a pre-eminent economic power and stressed the need to strengthen connections with African nations. In his view, Morocco holds a key position as a pivotal partner, offering substantial benefits to the UK.

Positioning Morocco as the “Gateway to Africa,” Duddridge emphasized its strategic importance in providing geographic proximity and privileged access to the vast African market. He also praised Morocco’s unique offerings, including sustainable farming practices and a diverse range of fresh products supported by robust trade infrastructure.

As the UK Government supported British businesses exploring opportunities in Morocco, Duddridge highlighted the instrumental role of UK Export Finance, which provided £4.5 billion in available finance to facilitate export contracts and encourage investment in Morocco.

Duddridge’s optimism extended to the tangible benefits for British consumers, who gained access to a wide range of high-quality and affordable products from Morocco. Notably, Moroccan fruits and vegetables saw increased demand in the UK, with a significant rise in the consumption of tomatoes, soft foods, and canned sardines, along with a notable surge in Moroccan strawberry imports.

Emphasizing Morocco’s vital role in facilitating triangular trade partnerships and expanding access to African markets, Duddridge pointed to Tanger Med as the largest transshipment hub in Africa and the Mediterranean, linked to 40 ports on the continent.

Duddridge advocated for negotiations on a comprehensive free trade agreement with Morocco, aiming to foster greater trade in goods and services and promote foreign direct investment while potentially reducing the cost of living in the UK.

The MP championed a partnership that reinforced historic ties, stimulated economic growth, and created opportunities for broader collaboration and shared prosperity between the UK and Morocco.


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