Two Moroccans save drowning man in freezing water

Two Moroccans save drowning man in freezing water

Two young Moroccan men took swift action to rescue a person drowning in a canal in Brussels, Belgium. Witnesses on the scene reported that the individuals, undeterred by the frigid waters and strong currents, leaped from the Ninove bridge to come to the drowning person’s aid.

Their courageous efforts paid off as they managed to save the drowning individual, holding onto one of the bridge’s pillars until help arrived. The rescuers, however, faced the consequences of their heroic act, suffering from hypothermia, they were also transported to the hospital for medical attention.

“Our divers pulled everyone out of the water. The first person was unconscious and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was immediately started,” said spokesman for the Brussels fire department. “His prognosis is vital. The other two people were also taken to hospital,” he added.

This remarkable rescue has garnered widespread recognition on social media and in the Belgian press, shedding light on the selflessness and heroism displayed by the two Moroccan individuals who risked their lives to save another.


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