Two Moroccans among the winners of the cultural prizes of the “International Institute of Palestine”

“The International Institute of Palestine” announced at its annual ceremony recently held in the Jordanian capital Amman, the winners of the ninth edition of the “Palestine Cultural Prizes”, including two Moroccans.

According to a statement from the Institute, the “cultural prizes of Palestine” include six categories, namely the “Naji al-Ali Prize for Caricature,” won by the Moroccan Ghamer Ali, the “Edward Said Prize for Orientalist Criticism. “, Awarded to the Moroccan researcher, Dr Mohamed El Jarti, the” Poetry Prize – Moein Bseisu “, awarded to Maryam Qosh of the Gaza Strip (Palestine) and the” Ghassan Kanafani Prize for Literature “awarded to Douaâ Ibrahim ( Egypt).

It is also the “Jamal Badran Prize for plastic art” won by Gandhi Al-Jibawi of Jordan, and the “Walid El Khatib Prize for photography”, divided into two competitions, the first being called “Thé ”Whose prize went to Ahmed Abdel Amir Lazem from Iraq, and the second entitled“ The 60s ”won by Hind Ahmed Wahdan from Egypt.

The member of the Board of Trustees, executive chairman of the “International Institute of Palestine”, Assaad Abderrahman, declared that “these awards come to preserve the Arab and international presence of Palestine, by celebrating several Palestinian creators. “

The awards also aim to inspire the youth of the Arab nation, both in the Arab world and abroad, to creativity like the famous creators, he added.

According to him, these prizes are set as objectives “to underline and maintain what the great Palestinian creators have expressed in their creative works, in particular the preservation of Palestinian national rights and Arab nationalism, inalienable rights”.

“The International Institute of Palestine” was founded by a group of intellectuals to be the first institution to specialize in collecting scientific knowledge on communities of Palestinian and Arab origin residing in diaspora countries, as well than in some Arab countries.



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