Two Moroccans among selected for ‘Young Arab Pioneers’ program

Two Moroccans among selected for ‘Young Arab Pioneers’ program

Two young Moroccans Saifeddin Laalaj and Khaled Mekchati were chosen as members in the second edition of the Young Arab Pioneers program.

 Khaled Mekshati was picked for winning more than 25 international prizes in invention, technology, and business, while Laalaj was chosen for his company Zelij Invent for environmental transition in the field of plastic waste recycling.

Other Arab youth innovators on the list included engineers Jordanian Youssef Amoura, Egyptian Mustafa Abdellatif, the creator of the EYouth platform for educating and employing Arab youth using technology, Syrian scientist Obada Sabagh, Emirati researcher in space sciences Alia Mansouri, Saudian scientist Ali Yami, and others.

Members of the second edition of the Arab Youth Pioneers initiative were chosen based on initiatives and achievements that will have a positive impact on their societies in the fields of scientific research, engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, medicine, health sciences, media, youth empowerment, and community development.

The nomination event, which was held on International Youth Day and presided over by Sheikh Diab ben Mohammed, was organized by the Arab Youth Center.

These young people were chosen for the list based on their influence on the perception of Arab youth.

The Arab Youth Pioneers initiative advocates for youth connections to the Arabic language, identity, and responsible citizenship.


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