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Two doctors in prison for providing Moubdii with false certificates

A doctor and a prison doctor (female) ended up in prison for providing false medical certificates to former parliamentarian and minister, Mohamed Moubdii, who is currently detained in Oukacha prison in Casablanca.

The false certificates, specifies a well-informed source to MoroccoLatestNews, were given to the person concerned to allow him to simulate the disease and not to comply with the summonses of the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ).

The investigation into the charges against the former parliamentarian had taken a close interest in the medical certificates given to him to justify his absence from the PJ, even though he was attending the sessions in the hemicycle. The PJ considered that these are “false documents” attesting to “bad faith and falsification of the truth”.

As a reminder, Mohamed Moubdii is the subject of legal proceedings related to cases of squandering of public funds during his term as head of the Municipal Council of Fqih Bensaleh.



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