Twitter: repeated bugs and failures

Twitter, the microblogging site, has been going through bad times since Friday. Indeed, it suffers from several malfunctions, at least this is what continues to be reported by thousands of users around the world through disconnection errors, and problems loading tweets.

The problem also seems to have extended to the use of the Tweetdeck tool, which allows you to classify and visualize your searches in columns, as well as to the Downdetector site, which compiles user feedback, where there are significant spikes. of breakdowns. Repeatedly these bugs and failures have prompted Twitter to explain itself by posting ” Tweets may not load for some of you. We are working to resolve a problem Twitter support said in a statement. Until the early hours of Sunday the technical issue was still not resolved, and users were still reporting pennies and bugs were on the rise again.

The term you entered did not yield any results. please try again later “And” Unable to retrieve tweets at this time. please try again later Were two of the most common responses to problems encountered by users. About 40,000 users reported problems with the social media platform on Friday, according to the Downdetector outage monitoring website, and as many if not more on Saturday. The latter tracks outages by gathering status reports from a variety of sources, including errors submitted by users on its platform. The outage could have affected more users.


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