Twitter launches its paid offer “Twitter Blue”

The Web giant “Twitter” has just launched its paid offer called “Twitter Blue” via a tweet on one of its “Twitter Comms” accounts. Thanks to this new offer, it is now possible to cancel the sending of a tweet, to organize your favorite content using “Bookmarks” and to benefit from a “reading mode”.

The new cancel send feature offers the ability to remove tweets before they are actually uploaded and set a time interval that can take up to 30 seconds to cancel tweets.

There is also a new way to organize your favorites called “Bookmarks” which allows you to group saved tweets and make them easier to find later.

As for the “reader mode”, it makes the experience – reading discussions easier by bringing them together in one page, adds the official application of the Blue Bird.

The rest of the features of “Twitter Blue” are purely aesthetic: with the addition of new options for changing themes and color.

“Twitter Blue” subscribers will also have access to “dedicated customer support for subscriptions,” the company said. They will thus benefit from faster assistance with problems relating to their accounts.

According to the blog post, this feature will be rolled out first in Canada and Australia where it will cost C $ 3.49 or A $ 4.49 per month, respectively.

The company has, moreover, reassured that a free Twitter will not disappear and never will be, this subscription offer being simply intended to add additional functionalities.



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